Ask The Agent: What Does "Researching An Agent" Really Entail and More.

Column by Bree Ogden
July 9, 2012 (7) comments
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent, I’ll explore and dissect two of the industry’s mysteries, straight from the shoulder.

What Do The Authors Of Serialized Works Owe To Their Fans?

Column by Rob Hart
July 9, 2012 (48) comments
Do fans have the right to hate on George R.R. Martin for not finishing the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series faster? Does an author of a series owe his or her fans anything?

The 10 Most Bizarre Pieces Of Literary Merch

Column by Kimberly Turner
July 6, 2012 (7) comments
It's not a stretch to assume that if you like the book or author, you'll buy the T-shirt, coffee mug, or bookmark. But what about the panties, shower curtain, and Ouija board?

Post-Mortem: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' by Douglas Adams

Column by Meredith Borders
July 6, 2012 (5) comments
A breakdown of the mechanics of THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE and the reasons it should be read by the writers among us.

Storyville: 10 Ways to Balance Life and Writing

Column by Richard Thomas
July 5, 2012 (12) comments
In this Storyville column I talk about the many different ways that I try to balance my writing and personal life.

The Long & Winding Road: Part VI - What Happens When Your Book Doesn't Sell

Column by Kelly Thompson
July 5, 2012 (6) comments
The final installment in a series chronicling my experiences with my first novel, including securing an agent and submitting to publishers. Part 6 details what happens when you don't sell.

LURID: Beach Blanket Boogeymen

Column by Karina Wilson
July 3, 2012 (2) comments
Packing for your long-dreamed-about summer vacay? You might want to take heed of some of these cautionary reads before you get on the plane.

Revolutions in Fantasy: Four for the Fourth

Column by Rajan Khanna
July 3, 2012 (2) comments
On the eve of our nation's day of independence, we celebrate four fantasy stories of revolution and revolt.

New Release Roundup: Recommendations for July 2012

Column by John Jarzemsky
July 2, 2012 (1) comments
A look at what's new on the docket for the month of July.

UPDATED WITH WINNER: LitReactor's Flash Fiction Smackdown: June Edition

Column by Rob Hart
June 29, 2012 (75) comments
The premise is simple: We give you a subject, you write 250 words. If it's good you might win stuff.