A Series of Small Circles: How "Endgame" Engineered an Effective Ending

Column by BH Shepherd
June 20, 2019 (1) comments
A deep look into how "Avengers: Endgame" crafted such a satisfying final chapter.

Every Single Redwall Book—Ranked

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
To commemorate Brian Jacques’ 80th birthday this June, here is a ranking of all 22 Redwall books.

6 Books To Celebrate Pride Month

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Pride month is an opportunity to celebrate diversity and reflect on the history of the LGBTQ+ community. Here are a few titles to broaden your horizons.

13 Books That Wouldn't Be Published Today

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June 17, 2019 (6) comments
Is 2019 too sensitive for these titles?

Writing a Novel With Save the Cat!

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The Cat has had its way with the screenplay, and now it has turned its sights on novels.

Book vs. Miniseries: "Catch-22"

Column by Max Booth III
June 12, 2019 (2) comments
Maybe this should have remained a short story.

What Does It take to Get a Job in Publishing?

Column by Marina Crouse
June 11, 2019 (1) comments
One woman's catch-22 experience in the publishing industry.

9 Times the Movie was Better than the Book

Column by Annie Neugebauer
June 10, 2019 (4) comments
The book was better than the movie. The book is always better than the movie. Except when it’s not.

What Joy Williams and Denis Johnson Can Teach Us About the Art of First Sentences

Column by Elle Nash
Some lessons from two masters of the sentence.

5 Lessons Fiction Writers Can Learn From Video Games

Column by Autumn Christian
June 6, 2019 (2) comments
If you're a writer who likes games and needed an excuse to play more, here it is.