In Search of "The End" with Tex Thompson

Deep dive into your manuscript to discover the heart of your story through weekly troubleshooting lessons and a one-on-one with Tex.

Your Instructor: Tex Thompson (Founder of WORD and author of the Children of the Drought fantasy western series)

Where: Online — Available everywhere!

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Enrollment: 16 students

Price: $399

Class Description

“Every book is the wreck of a perfect idea.” - Iris Murdoch

And that’s never more true than when you are struggling to slog through that first draft – when the stunning, riveting, gut-wrenching scenes that have electrified your imagination are slopping out onto the page with all the charm and intensity of room-temperature mayonnaise. Everyone says ‘just keep writing!’ – but that’s a tall order when you’re staring down a blinking cursor in the midst of what feels like a hopeless hot mess.

Let Tex Thompson help rekindle your creativity and get you back on track! Tex is the author of the Children of the Drought series – an internationally-published epic fantasy Western. She has a Masters in Literature, and is an instructor for the Writers Path at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. She is also the founder / ‘chief instigator’ of WORD (Writers Organizations ‘Round Dallas). When she's not writing/teaching/instigating she's blazing a trail through writers conferences, workshops, and fan conventions around the country, sharing her knowledge and love of writing. She truly is a one-woman stampede.

In this class, you and Tex will take a deep dive into your work-in-progress manuscript to discover the heart of your story. She'll read everything you have so far (whether it’s 700 words or 70,000!) and then set up a time to have a real one-on-one phone or Skype call to help you problem-solve. You’ll also work through weekly ‘troubleshooting’ lessons designed to address the most common first-draft issues – so that you finish with all the confidence and enthusiasm you need to right your ship and earn your happy (author’s!) ending.

What This Class Covers

Week 1: Finding the Heart of the Story

This week is all about drilling down to the essence of your story – understanding what about it motivates and excites you, taking best possible advantage of your creative strengths, and developing strategies for tackling your weaknesses.

NOTE: You will be required to submit your work-in-progress manuscript to Tex no later than JULY 23rd (a week prior to the start of the class) so that your one-on-one can be scheduled for the first week.

Week 2: Hard Choices and Unexpected Emotions

In the second week, we dig into your key character(s). Are you challenging them appropriately throughout the story, and will those conflicts continue to develop in interesting ways?

Week 3: Making the Dominoes Fall

In week three, we’re looking specifically at cause and effect, and how to ensure that every scene builds on the ones before it. This is how we create tight, dynamic story structure!

Week 4: Looking Ahead

Our final session is all about making sure you have a realistic plan for keeping your momentum and overcoming future obstacles. This includes both productivity / time-management strategies and problem-solving techniques for writing yourself out of a corner.

Goals Of This Class

  • Discovery the heart of what your story is about
  • Challenge your characters and help develop conflict in interesting ways
  • Create a tight, dynamic narrative that flows from scene to scene
  • Learn to properly manage your time and develop your problem solving skills
  • Reach "The End"
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