You're looking at the main dashboard page for a sample LitReactor writing class.

In an actual class, this text block would contain a Mission Statement that decribes the overall vision or goals for the class or alternately might contain notes and updates from the instructor.  

Underneath this box, a Class Activity monitor would show all the latest posts from instructor and peers in convenient, reverse chronological order.  You may or may not see such entries listed under recent activity below, depending on how long since new demo content was added.

Up above this box, the main navigational tabs take you to Lectures, Assignments, and other major categories of class content.  

The Homework tab provides a convenient one-stop place to quickly locate every submission that students have posted in response to various Assignments.  So, you'd use the Assignments tab to learn the parameters and get started on a new assignment, but after numerous assignments have accumulated, the Homework tab offers a handy alternate view of the results.  

And the Discussions tab provides a place for supporting or bonus materials, informal topics and student-generated discussion topics.  These conversations may continue after the class ends.  Please click through the various tabs to see in greater detail how each section is organized.  Navigation works just as it would in an actual class.