Questions about using the Writers Workshop

Please see the Writers Workshop Help section.

Renewing a membership

Monthly memberships automatically re-bill and require no action on your part. Six month memberships require manual renewal and can be renewed at any time which will add time to your existing account. If either membership has expired, you can re-join by selecting an option on this page. Prior to making a selection, make sure you are logged in with your primary account so your access is applied to the account you desire.

Cancelling a membership

Monthly memberships are the only ones that require action for you to cancel. Six-month memberships do not automatically re-bill so you don't have to do anything for your membership to be canceled. To cancel your monthly membership : Click your name at the top of the screen to access your profile. Next click the "Recurring Fees" link. On the next page you will see your membership, click cancel and then confirm your choice. At this point you will have access to any members-only features until your current membership cycle runs out.

Other questions

If you need additional help, please contact us using our contact form.