Confession: I Paid For Book Reviews

Column by Peter Derk
November 21, 2016 (1) comments
Stigma, cost, and secret societies. Why I bought book reviews and what I learned.

10 Great Horror Books That Will Never Be Movies

Column by Gabino Iglesias
November 18, 2016 (7) comments
Some horror books prove that not every novel can be turned into a film.

When Authors Read Their Own Audiobooks: 5 Great Performances

Column by Bart Bishop
November 16, 2016 (1) comments
A look at some of the best audiobook performances, as read by the authors.

The Horror Stigma

Column by Annie Neugebauer
November 15, 2016 (12) comments
What's up with the stigma attached to horror? A deeper look at the problem through examples and analysis.

The 11 Best And Worst Comic Book Things I Did This Year

Column by Peter Derk
How do you fall in love with comics again?

Library Love: Little Free Libraries

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Little Free Libraries are maybe the best thing since sliced bread.

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

Column by Christopher Shultz
Even the lightest of comedies have villains.

5 Reasons To Keep A Record Of What You Read

November 10, 2016 (3) comments
Add another level to your reading ritual by keeping a record of what you read.

Happy Birthday, Anne Sexton

Column by Leah Dearborn
November 10, 2016 (3) comments
Anne Sexton was a remarkable woman whose work demonstrated the convalescent powers of the written word.

5 Reasons To Hire A Freelance Editor, and What To Do When You Can't

Column by Holly Kothe
Freelance editors sometimes get a bum rap from authors in the literary world. They are seen as predators. Critical snobs. The scum of the earth. Hello, I'm a freelance editor.