6 Unorthodox Fundraisers For Your Self-Publishing Venture

Column by Peter Derk
Kick Kickstarter to the curb. Raise money and have fun doing it.

Why People Shouldn't Fear Academic Essay Collections

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at how to get your academic essay published, and why they're not as inaccessible to read as the layman might think.

9 Gothic Novels Less than 40 Years Old

Column by Annie Neugebauer
January 23, 2017 (4) comments
Gothic fiction may be a genre born of tradition, but these 9 atmospheric novels aren’t even over the hill!

Top Ten Novels about Cold Weather

Column by Gabino Iglesias
January 20, 2017 (4) comments
Wind. Snow. Ice. Sometimes these things can be boring, but sometimes they can be crucial to a story. Here are the ten books that deal with them the best.

7 Highly Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2017

Column by Max Booth III
Why read the book when you can just watch the movie, right? [ducks tomato]

The 2017 One Story Per Week Writing Challenge

January 19, 2017 (34) comments
Michael David Wilson explains the basics of the 2017 One Story Per Week Challenge and invites you to join him.

Elizabeth Bennet: The Original Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

Column by Leah Rhyne
January 19, 2017 (1) comments
Let's dig into the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope to see if, perhaps, Jane Austen created the original: Elizabeth Bennet of 'Pride and Prejudice'.

Tech and Product Round-up: Janurary Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz
January 18, 2017 (2) comments
It's back to the future and the past all up in here.

Dystropia: A Family Moves Into THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

Column by Christopher Shultz
January 17, 2017 (4) comments
In the realm of horror, there are haunted houses all over the country just waiting for new tenants to gobble up. Be careful not to steer your characters into this nightmarish trope.

Storyville: 101 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year as a Writer Yet

Column by Richard Thomas
January 16, 2017 (4) comments
101 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year as a Writer Yet