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An Update from Your New LitReactor Overlords

Hello LitReactors of the past, present, and future:

If you’re reading this, you may have heard that LitReactor is relaunching under new ownership. That’s us — Reedsy. We honestly couldn’t be more excited to be at the helm of such an iconic literary platform and publication, and we look forward to continuing the high standard of content to which former readers will be accustomed.

A little more context for those who may not know us: Reedsy began in 2014 as an online platform to help authors connect with editing, design, and marketing professionals to polish and publish their books. We’ve since expanded to host even more awesome events and resources for writers — including our weekly writing contest, our platform for indie book reviews and reader discovery, and our in-depth masterclass on how to write a novel in 101 days, headed up by author Tom Bromley. 

Our team has also contributed a number of pieces to LitReactor over the years, and we’re eager to be in conversation with our fellow contributors. If you’ve written something for LitReactor in the past and would like to contribute again, we’d love to hear from you! Likewise, if you never contributed previously but are interested in writing for LitReactor now, feel free to contact us about that as well. All queries and pitches can be directed to

As for the educational writing courses that LitReactor previously hosted, we have removed them from the live site for the time being. However, former instructors are welcome to get in touch about re-accessing or reactivating their courses — and we are open to proposals for potential future courses as well. Again, simply contact with any questions about LitReactor course content.

Lastly, in terms of imminent content, readers can expect thoughtful columns on bookish topics, listicles with useful resources for writers, step-by-step breakdowns, and more. We’ll begin publishing new content in June and hope to continue updating on a weekly basis — so stay tuned 👀

With that, all we will say is that we can’t wait to get started… and we’ll see you around these (online) streets.

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