The Fictional Wilderness: 5 Books for a Cold Winter

Column by George Cotronis
Sit down by the fire with a book about the cold and the wilderness.

Finding Beauty in the Darkness

Column by Leah Rhyne
December 21, 2016 (3) comments
We face dark times now, yes. It's important to realize: we've been here before, and we survived. I know because writers tell us, finding beauty in darkness, a literary legacy of stars in the night sky

Writing the Crime Scene: Autopsies

Column by Repo Kempt
A guide to researching and writing about autopsies in crime and horror fiction.

Storyville: When to Be Conventional, and When to Be Weird

Column by Richard Thomas
When it comes to writing, your story can be conventional or weird, but it has to be satisfying.

LitReactor Community Spotlight: December 2016

Column by Peter Derk
December 19, 2016 (1) comments
Semen theft, an ear on a chain, and the Greatness of Great Jones Street: It's all in this month's LitReactor Community Spotlight.

What Works & What Doesn't: "Gremlins"

Column by Christopher Shultz
December 19, 2016 (1) comments
Is this the ultimate comedy creature feature?

5 Things to Do With Your New NaNoWriMo Book

Column by Max Booth III
December 16, 2016 (7) comments
Hope you have some gasoline handy.

5 Classic Novels for the Revolution: Southwest Edition

Column by Susan DeFreitas
December 16, 2016 (1) comments
The US prior to Nov. 8 was volatile, and now? What happens next is anyone's guess. These novels offer insights into some of the most explosive issues of our day--and how they might shape tomorrow.

How to Fight Fascism with Superheroes

Column by Bart Bishop
December 15, 2016 (1) comments
A look at 'Last Night, A Superhero Saved My Life', a collection of essays on how superheroes inspire— specifically Ron Currie Jr.'s take on the 1982 Wolverine mini-series and masculinity.

25 Days of Christmas Romances

Column by Riki Cleveland
Here’s 25 days of Christmas romances to warm you up as the temperatures outside dip. Baby it’s cold outside, but the romances in these novels are sure to heat things up.