Seven Badass Female Characters Written by Women

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
Let’s get a little better acquainted with some of literature's most badass female characters — all written by women.

Happy International Day of Happiness! Why Don’t We Want to Read it?

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Why don’t we like to read happy books? Why aren’t there more? Not just books with happy parts or endings, but books about people who are genuinely happy?

5 Promotion Tips for Small Press and Self Published Authors

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
Got a book coming out and no money for a publicist? Here are some things I learned hawking my own wares.

Library Love: Old Books Make Me Feel Fancy!

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Chances are, there are rare books on a library shelf near you. Throw on your sweater with the elbow patches and check them out!!!

10 Female Authors Who Changed My Life

Column by Gabino Iglesias
March 16, 2018 (1) comments
Some female authors wrote words that changed my life. Some changed my life by just by being themselves. Here are ten female authors I celebrate regularly.

Book vs. Film: 'The Ritual'

Column by Max Booth III
Comparing Adam Nevill's novel and its recent film adaptation.

The "When" Guide for Writers: Master the Science of Perfect Timing (Part 2)

Column by Fred Venturini
In the second part of this guide on perfect timing for creatives, delve into the tactics needed to figure out your unique circadian rhythms, and use them to your advantage for maximum creativity.

The Second-Draft Slump: How to Get Through Edits

Column by Justin Hunter
The first draft always feels like the hardest part to finish...until you start the second draft. Get through the second-draft slump with these tips.

The 10 Best Classic YA Books

Column by Meredith Borders
March 9, 2018 (2) comments
In honor of the long-awaited release of Ava DuVernay's "A Wrinkle in Time", we take a look at some other classic YA books that helped shape a genre.

Of Mice, Men, and Gloves Fulla Vaseline

Column by Peter Derk
March 9, 2018 (2) comments
Are you still horrified and curious when it comes to the "glove fulla Vaseline" in "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck? Me too. Which is why I decided to do something about it.