What Is Fantasy?

Column by Rajan Khanna
March 9, 2012 (8) comments
An introduction to the genre of Fantasy. Where do we draw the lines? And are those lines important? What constitutes good Fantasy? This post sets the stage and lays down a path for future columns.

Book Vs. Film: John Carter

Column by Jon Korn
March 9, 2012 (5) comments
Can Edgar Rice Burroughs' hundred-year-old classic stand up to a new 3D adaptation from the director of WALL-E? Does a white-ape poop in the mantalia groves? Jon Korn has some answers.

Drag it Out: How to Use Extended Metaphors for Maximum Effect

Column by Taylor Houston
March 8, 2012 (7) comments
A discussion of successful extended metaphors and how to create your own.

The Long & Winding Road: Part 1- Writing The Novel

Column by Kelly Thompson
March 8, 2012 (6) comments
The 1st in a series chronicling my experiences with my novel, including finding an agent and submitting to publishers. Part 1 details writing my novel and my first partial request from "ideal agent"

Top 5 Mysterious Authors

Column by Jack Joslin
March 7, 2012 (1) comments
Not every writer turns up smiling for the book signing. Here are five of the most bizarre and mysterious.

Don't Judge A Comic Book By Its Movie

Column by BH Shepherd
March 6, 2012 (4) comments
A few great comics to seek out, and why you should avoid their film adaptations.

Book vs. Film: Drive

Column by Keith Rawson
March 5, 2012 (31) comments
Does Nicolas Winding Refn's adaptation of James Sallis' 'Drive' live up to the novel? Or does it surpass it? We find out in the latest Book versus Film column.

Ask The Lit Coach: "Will A Publisher Take A Master Thesis Seriously?"

Column by Erin Reel
March 5, 2012 (8) comments
How do agents and publishers feel about your Masters thesis? That is the subject of this week's Ask The Lit Coach.

Does Gay Writing Deserve Special Treatment?

Column by Cath Murphy
March 2, 2012 (6) comments
A 'gay' book won the Booker in 2004, but awards specifically for gay writers and writing still exist - is it time we all wrote on a level playing field?

Top 10 YA Books That Adults Will Love

Column by Meredith Borders
March 2, 2012 (27) comments
It's not all TWILIGHT up in here. Some young adult novels are brilliant and engaging. Read on for ten of the best.