Best Self-Published Horror Books of 2020 So Far

Column by Sadie Hartmann
August 11, 2020 (2) comments
There is a wealth of talent in self-published horror fiction. You just need to know where to look (because there is a lot of crap too).

Using Plain Language in Speculative Fiction

Column by Joshua Isard
Employ language that allows the audience to believe your characters believe what is happening.

Celebrating National Book Lovers' Day

Column by Karis Rogerson
August 7, 2020 (1) comments
Reminiscing about great books and their meaning on National Book Lovers' Day.

What If Books Aren't The Answer To Our Problems?

Column by Peter Derk
Have you ever stopped to consider there are questions books can't answer?

The Origin of a Space Parasite

Column by Brett Petersen
Brett Petersen discusses how his first book, 'The Parasite From Proto Space & Other Stories', came to be.

"Cursed": The Road to Redemption Starts with Strong Roots

Column by Amanda Bender
The Weeping Monk is by far one of the most compelling characters in Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller's 'Cursed', and is a prime example of how to craft a redemption arc.

The Bloody New Nostalgia of Splatter Westerns

Column by Jay Wilburn
A number of horror authors have begun exploring the western genre with their own bloody twists, leading to some very interesting results.

How Do We Go On Writing Our Little Fictions When Outside The World Is On Fire?

Column by Christopher Shultz
July 29, 2020 (4) comments
In this age of COVID-19, continued racial injustice, and myriad other issues, it's hard to justify writing anything that doesn't take the problems of the world to task.

Storyville: Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts on Reprints

Column by Richard Thomas
July 28, 2020 (2) comments
Why should you get your stories reprinted? It can help your career!

How to Purge the Thousand Story Ideas Running Around In Your Head

Column by Peter Derk
July 27, 2020 (2) comments
You've got a bunch of ideas dragging on your limited resources. Let's get rid of 'em.