Storyville: Foreshadowing in Fiction—How to Set the Stage

Column by Richard Thomas
October 23, 2020 (2) comments
Tips on how to use foreshadowing to write layered stories with powerful emotion.

Conjuring Strength Through Poetry: Battling the Slasher Movie in Your Head

October 22, 2020 (1) comments
Horror poetry reaches out into the darkness in hopes that understanding the shadows will shed light on our fears.

Paying Respects to Ursula K. Le Guin: The Queen of Spec-Fic

Happy Birthday to one of the most influential American woman writers.

What's Scary In Small, Indie, and Self-Pub

Column by Peter Derk
If you're looking for big thrills, you have to go small.

Showing and Telling, and Trusting the Reader

Column by Joshua Isard
We all know the cliche, "show don't tell," but it's still a common issue with young writers. That's where trust comes in.

Too Young for Horror?

Column by Peter Derk
If the purpose of horror is to scare us, then you might be missing out on a rite of passage if you don't get a taste before you're ready.

The Kings of Steam: Remembering the Work of Jay Lake and Brandon Black

Column by Jay Wilburn
Authors Jay Lake and Brandon Black (James Louis Butler III) both made their impacts on the subgenre of steampunk before their passing. Jay Wilburn discusses their work as a reader and fan.

Chuck-alikes: A Chuck Palahniuk Read-alike List Part 2

Column by Peter Derk
Part 2 of our MASSIVE list of Palahniuk read-a-likes that should hold you over until Chuck's next release.

Storyville: How to Collaborate on a Fiction Project

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how to engage in a successful collaborative fiction project with other writers.

Modern Western Films Written Better Than Ever

Column by David Cranmer
October 7, 2020 (1) comments
Western movies, long past their mid-twentieth century popularity, are still being made, and in many ways are better written than their predecessors, avoiding offensive tropes & predictable narrative.