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Product Review: The Snugg

More and more, we writers are turning to tablet computers for access to digital and online reading options on the go, as well as access to full-feature word processors in a smaller package for our writing endeavors away from home. Regardless of how you’re using your tablet, protection is a must, and selecting the right case for your precious can seem daunting, given the seemingly endless options available to you.

Consider for your approval The Snugg, which, rather than being one case (as the ‘the’ connotes), is a collection of cases for all variety of tablets, desktop PCs, phones, point-and-shoot cameras and iPods. However, the particular Snugg we’ll be discussing today is the iPad Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand, which may one day photographically accompany the word ‘slick’ in the dictionary. But in the immortal words of LeVar Burton, don’t take my word for it. Check out this chipper little video from the company’s website:


That case has got it going on, yeah? For me the hand grip is an essential feature. I have some mild nerve damage in my arms which affects my grip from time to time, so holding my iPad with one hand and drinking coffee with the other can sometimes be a painful endeavor. The ability to just slide my tablet onto my palm, however? Golden. 

If you’re looking for a little more flair to your case, the Snugg offers fourteen different colors to choose from, including a white and blue denim option. Concerning the materials, the company has this to say:

Our PU Leather cases, whether used in their traditional form or hot-pressed, provide a tough, resilient, protective and wipe clean exterior.

And here’s a bit more on the overall construction of each case Snugg manufactures:

All our cases have been custom made for each of the devices they cover. No corners have been cut, screens are framed, not obscured, all ports, speakers and access points have been taken into consideration. Our prototypes are tested to the maximum to make sure you still get the best out of your new gadget, whilst it’s cased.

I love this attention to detail, as some cases out there seem indifferent to the user experience of the tablet, drawing attention to the case itself, which is a bit like a sound designer for a movie pulling focus away from the overall film to highlight his or her skills. 

Now, speaking of filmmakers, let me once again evoke the power of LeVar Burton and turn things over to a certified “Snuggist,” Dennis Widmyer, co-founder of LitReactor, founder of and co-director of the upcoming horror feature Starry Eyes. Take it away, Dennis:

At first I thought The Snugg would be just another iPad case. I've owned many, and I always find myself abandoning them at some point, either because they're too bulky, or too thin. A lot of iPad cases seem cumbersome too, with extra features that aren't necessary. 

So before this came, I was just using the normal magnetic iPad case from Apple (the one with the front only). But twice now, my cat has knocked the iPad off my nightstand, hence dinging two of the corners. I also knew I had a lot of travel coming up, so the idea of having something with more protection was intriguing.

The minute I opened the Snugg case, I was totally into it. It doesn't look or feel cheap.  In fact, it feels like a leather accessory you'd buy at a store like Kenneth Cole or Coach. The size and weight of it is perfect. It doesn't have an annoying latch or closing mechanism.  It seals easily and then re-opens just as easy.

As far as features go, it's pretty stripped down to the essentials.  An area to tuck notes, a handy flap on the back, and a place to hold a pen.  And that's all I need really. I liked the case so much, I switched over to it full-time and have been using it ever since. In fact, it made the eight day trip with me to NY for Christmas, and I even bought one for my sister for Christmas.

Now that’s a personal testimonial. Thanks, Dennis. 

Rest assured, you won’t pay Kenneth Cole or Coach prices for your Snugg. The iPad Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand normally runs for $49.99, but right now it’s on sale for $29.99. All their other case options are similarly priced. And, again, if you’re not an iPad user, Snugg offers near-identical options for a variety of tablets. Check ‘em out at or at their official Amazon page.

If any of you lovely LitReactorers out there are also Snuggists, let us know what you think about the case in the comments section below. 

Got a writer-friendly product you’d like to see reviewed? Shoot me an email at with a link and a brief description of its greatness. 

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