Writers Helping Writers : From The Workshop

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"The Thriving Place " by x-steena
A woman seeks out a member of the group that last saw her aunt alive, uncovering the hidden truth behind an urban legend in the process.
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"The Asylum, Chapter 1" by MaliaRwyn
A group of loners, misfits and criminals must band together when they realize that the strange occurrences throughout their city are not just...
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"What Homes Are Made of" by Christos.antonaros
Jennifer follows Sam everywhere, for she wants to remain a good wife. However, Sam has eyes only for an ancient haunted tree rooted in the middle of...
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"Resolution" by Marco Fonseca
The chip in Trevor's brain was meant to cure him of his mental illness. Instead, it seemingly malfunctions. Now, Trevor must come to grips with...
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"Dollar Bill" by DirtyDave
Ride along with addict.

Sharpen Your Skills : Essays On Writing

Chuck Palahniuk

One Word Leads To The Next: Unconventional Conjunctive Devices

From: Chuck Palahniuk
An essay that explores unconventional conjunctive devices and how they can link a story together, making it more like a song or piece of music.
Chuck Palahniuk

The Haunting: How To Conquer The Shame Of Being A Writer

From: Chuck Palahniuk
An essay about why the vocation of writing can sometimes feel shameful, and how to own that shame and then eventually conquer it.