Writers Helping Writers : From The Workshop

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"Addict for a Broken Heart" by R.Moon
A brutally honest examination of my own broken heart and the relationship that caused it.
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"Camel Toe" by sweetrelish
Narrator experiences unrequited love.
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"Drinking, Fighting, Fucking" by Bruce Mark Johnson
This is the start of what may become a short story.
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"I Don't Worry Anymore" by ZachWiser
Arthur has suffered the most painful loss he could imagine. Now he has decided to do something about it.
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"Stella" by Soulless
When young love blooms between an earthling and a toid from Alpha Centauri Bb, expressing affection becomes problematic.

Sharpen Your Skills : Essays On Writing

Chuck Palahniuk

Stocking Stuffers: 13 Writing Tips From Chuck Palahniuk

From: Chuck Palahniuk
Christmas comes early today! In this essay Chuck provides a grab-bag of incredibly useful ideas that don't require too much individual elaboration. From delineating the three types of speech, to simple maxims for the writing life.
Jack Ketchum

Splat Goes the Hero: Visceral Horror

From: Jack Ketchum
Jack Ketchum on violence, pain, and the importance of not looking away.