Edit My Paragraph! Episode Four

Column by Gayle Towell
This column explores the art of editing by carefully analyzing paragraphs submitted by readers.

An Abundance of Robin Hoods: How Social Bandits Defy Time and Culture

Column by Leah Dearborn
September 15, 2014 (2) comments
Whenever a source of authority grows too powerful and begins to usurp the common people, Robin Hood-like characters start to appear in film and literature.

Footnotes: Fifty Years of Roald Dahl's Chocolate Factory

Column by Ryan Peverly
A story about a kid winning a chance to visit a mysterious candy factory that touches on themes of consumerism, the economy, racism, and the cutthroat competition among corporate manufacturers.

On Weed: Should Writers Write While High?

Column by Peter Derk
September 12, 2014 (6) comments
Does weed help the writing process? Let's find out.

Back-to-School with Six Historical YA Fictions

Column by Riki Cleveland
With back-to-school on everyone’s mind, what better way to further your education than with a young adult novel set in a historical time period?

Six Tips for Troubleshooting the Novel

Column by Susan DeFreitas
September 10, 2014 (2) comments
Every novel is a special snowflake, sure, but many go wrong in the same ways. An editor breaks down known issues at the level of plot, structure, and characterization she sees over and over again.

Where Lit-Fic and Horror Converge: Ten Literary Chillers

Column by Christopher Shultz
September 9, 2014 (8) comments
Nightmare-fueled narratives and "literary merit" are not so unfamiliar as one might believe. As a matter of fact, they make quite excellent bedfellows.

LURID: Get Your Motor Running — Bad Boy Bikers in Fiction and Memoir

Column by Karina Wilson
The FIFTIETH (count 'em) Lurid takes a look at America's fascination with outlaw biker gangs, from 'The Wild One' to the final season of 'Sons of Anarchy', which begins on TV this week.

How to Build a Novel Soundtrack

Column by Max Booth III
September 5, 2014 (9) comments
The soundtrack’s main goal is to better emphasize the book’s atmosphere while also helping readers discover new music.

Culling the Classics: 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath

Column by Cath Murphy
Published just over 50 years ago, 'The Bell Jar' by Plath has sold in the millions. But does it deserve its stellar reputation?