Product Review: Weebly

Column by Christopher Shultz
For fans of drag and drop website-building, as well as low-cost flexibility, check out Weebly.

5 Grammar Rules That Make No Effing Sense

Column by Taylor Houston
July 30, 2015 (6) comments
Sometimes the rules make no effing sense. Here are few that drive me crazy.

The GRE Literature Subject Test: What You Need to Know

Column by Emily Rose Lathrop
Are you applying to graduate school? Do you need to take the GRE subject test in English? What's on the damn thing? What do you need to study?

Why The F*ck Aren’t You Reading Pascal Garnier?

Column by Keith Rawson
So Why The F*ck Aren't You Reading French Noir Master Pascal Garnier?

Six of the Best Alternate Universes in Comics

Column by BH Shepherd
The alternate universe is a classic trope in comic books. Let's take a look at some of the weirdest worlds our favorite superheroes have visited.

Horror and Comedy: Unlikely Bedfellows

A discussion on the most unlikely of companions: horror and comedy.

How Not to Get Sued When Writing about Real People

Column by Ed Sikov
July 27, 2015 (2) comments
A guide to avoiding law suits when writing about people you know, famous people, or any real people you want to turn into characters.

Can Good Writing Save Spider-Man?

Column by Peter Derk
The Spider-Films are in trouble. Can good writing save the day?

10 Books About Revolution

Column by Christopher Shultz
July 24, 2015 (3) comments
With historical revolts, expatriations and coups abound in July, here are ten books that capture the revolutionary spirit.

The Art of the Pitch and Synopsis

Column by George Cotronis
July 23, 2015 (4) comments
You want to sell your novel or land an agent? Well, you need an elevator pitch and synopsis to do so. Here's Elevator Pitch 101.