Manga For Beginners: Horror!

Column by Christopher Irvin
Manga For Beginners! A column dedicated to introducing readers to a range of fantastic Japanese comics.

5 Spooky Non-Fiction Reads for Halloween

Column by George Cotronis
Truly spooky non-fiction books. Do they exist? Join me as I go through five terrifying offerings from the non-fiction shelf.

Post-Mortem: Can 80s YA Horror Stand the Test of Time?

Column by Leah Rhyne
October 20, 2016 (2) comments
Can the 1980s YA horror novels that helped shape one girl's writing career stand the test of time?

6 Horrible Comic Book Presidents (and One Good One)

Column by Bart Bishop
October 20, 2016 (1) comments
A look at the last 40 years of comic book political satire, with real presidents turned into supervillains and supervillains turned into presidents.

Well-Written Horror Films: Part IV

Column by Christopher Shultz
October 19, 2016 (4) comments
Looking for scares alongside quality storytelling? Look no further...

The Mini-Guide To Writing Sex For Your Genre

Column by Holly Kothe
October 19, 2016 (2) comments
There are approximately a zillion questions to consider when it comes to the craft of sex in fiction. One of the most important being: Does your intended audience expect, crave, or even allow sex?

Writing the Crime Scene: Cops Don't Talk Like That!

Column by Repo Kempt
October 18, 2016 (2) comments
A guide to researching and writing dialogue for law enforcement characters in crime fiction.

22 of the Best And Worst Promotional Products For Your Book Release

Column by Peter Derk
What kind of junk can you slap your book onto for trade shows, giveaways, and to generally annoy everyone?

Horror While Black: Race in Matt Ruff's 'Lovecraft Country'

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at America through the eyes of black men and women in 'Lovecraft Country', a clever inversion of the antiquated racism of H.P. Lovecraft's writing.

Library Love: Where Do Books Go When They Die?

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
October 17, 2016 (1) comments
Some books, actually a lot of them, have an expiration date.