UPDATED WITH WINNER!!!!!!! LitReactor's Flash Fiction Smackdown: LAST ONE!!!!!!!!

Column by Taylor Houston
July 29, 2016 (4) comments
IT'S THE LAST FLASH FICTION CONTEST, SO MAKE IT GOOD. Pick a prompt from any previous Flash contest and give us your best 250 words.

Bookstores As Innovators

Column by Leah Dearborn
The truth is that books and printers have always stretched the limits of technology, and over the past decade or so, bookstores have fought declining sales with creativity.

6 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Dirty Words (Grammatically, Of Course)

Column by Holly Kothe
July 26, 2016 (5) comments
You don’t want your expletives to be too dirty. I mean, the fun kind of dirty, yes, but dirty, lousy with grammar and punctuation mistakes? No fuckin’ way.

Storyville: Introducing Your Children to Horror

Column by Richard Thomas
July 25, 2016 (3) comments
A guide to turning your kids on to horror.

10 Non-Fiction Books That Changed My Life

July 22, 2016 (7) comments
Michael David Wilson examines ten non-fiction books that have changed his life for the better.

Is "Stranger Things" The Contemporary Sci-Fi/Horror Juggernaut We've Been Waiting For?

Column by Christopher Shultz
July 21, 2016 (1) comments
The new Netflix original series has already garnered a big following, but can it sustain its momentum in future seasons?

The Weird World Of Marvel What If's

Column by Peter Derk
July 21, 2016 (1) comments
WWII in space, Wolverine as a vampire, Dazzler better than ever, and the weird, wild world of Marvel What If's?

Wrestletown, Publishing, and Doing It By Myself

Column by Christopher Irvin
July 20, 2016 (3) comments
Wrestletown? Crowdfunding? Inkshares? Let's kick this pig!

The State of the Great American Novel

Column by Leah Dearborn
July 19, 2016 (2) comments
How can anyone make a statement about what constitutes a Great American Novel without a better understanding of what Americans are actually reading and why?

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Full Metal Jacket'

Column by Christopher Shultz
July 18, 2016 (8) comments
It's hailed as one of the best anti-war films ever made...but is its depiction of war not as good as it could be?