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In : Novel Excerpt, Subversive 1 reviews
Earth is in trouble. The Zanchee can help, but their laws prevent it. Axel, the Zanchee leader's teenage son, is determined to find a way to prevent humanity's destruction. But he will need help.
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
Duane is returning to apologize to his sister Holly for not noticing their uncle's abuse of her. But he will find things are not quite what he thinks.
In : Horror, Short Story 6 reviews
Declan MaCarry is an overworked and underpaid employee for Smeaton Town Council. As his mental health begins to decline he is drawn by a mysterious force to the local woods.
In : Flash Fiction, Slipstream 7 reviews
Mars looks like heaven in all the advertisements. But what's it like when you actually get there? Find out in MARS, a satire of the way our culture sells parenthood.
In : Flash Fiction, Slipstream 12 reviews
This is a story I wrote about the theme obscenity.
In : Horror, Short Story 8 reviews
Soldiers trapped in a bunker are surrounded by beasts.
Tripp C
In : Horror, Short Story 3 reviews
An unfortunate group of people stumble upon some sensitive material that has a peculiar effect on them.
In : Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
A first-person narrative about a guy that grew-up somewhere in the middle of the country, has since migrated to a city on the coast and is called home because his father is dying.
Jason A
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 11 reviews
A man in a remote location is stung by a scorpion and must find his way back to his girlfriend.
In : Short Story, Transgressive 11 reviews
Things are typically quiet for a concierge at a Manhattan hotel until there's a call about a locked door and an unresponsive guest.
In : Absurdist, Flash Fiction 10 reviews
A serial killer faces age discrimination. Humor.


Bryan Dean Johnson
In : Horror, Short Story 12 reviews
A Realtor must kill the spider preventing her from selling an apartment.
Mustang Patty
In : Literary, Short Story 13 reviews
Today is Ellen's eighty-eighth birthday. But the phone hasn't rung all morning. She wonders why. This is a tale of love, selfishness, and loss.
In : Short Story, Transgressive 13 reviews
He'd been pining for her for as long as he could remember and after countless times supporting her after a bad breakup, she was giving him a shot.
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 5 reviews
Following an incident at a local church, a detective collects a witness interview from one of its members.
SL Scrivens
In : Short Story, Transgressive 6 reviews
My musings about how Garth Brooks came to write "Friends In Low Places". I wrote it in a Texas accent, purposefully dropping syllables from longer words. No more reviews needed. Thanks!
Mustang Patty
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 13 reviews
On a cold Sunday morning, a man makes a tough situation. And he calls the person who will care the most.
In : Novel Excerpt, Transgressive 2 reviews
A series of interwoven vignettes connecting the lives of three neighbours, taking place across multiple alternate universes, diverging upon each character coming into contact with a sixshooter pistol.
Mustang Patty
In : Flash Fiction, Realism 13 reviews
What could possibly drive a young girl to the streets? And what makes them so angry and self-destructive?
In : Realism, Short Story 12 reviews
Billy Mack can talk anybody into anything. But when Billy talks Roman Matuczak into doing something Roman does not want to do, Mr. Trouble pays both boys a visit.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 18 reviews
In a modest building with a daunting purpose, two friends carry out a task.
In : Realism, Short Story 15 reviews
A young man searches for peace in a small southern town and meets a meter maid who changes his outlook on life.
In : Horror, Short Story 6 reviews
A janitor goes to work only to find that there is something about the building that will not allow him to leave.
In : Realism, Short Story 4 reviews
Life is Life is a shorty about a man who changes his reality after an incident that left him asking himself many questions...
In : Literary, Short Story 10 reviews
Grappling with sexual identity in rural North Carolina.