Writers Lifts: Sharing the Love or Twitter Pyramid Scheme?

Column by Peter Derk February 17, 2022
Have you been the victim of a #WritersLift? Don't worry, you're not alone.

The Importance of a Writing Community, and How to Find One

Column by Karis Rogerson November 3, 2021
Karis Rogerson discusses the joys of community and offers some options for finding your own!

Twitter Bots for Writers

Column by Peter Derk
Twitter bots as a force for literary good!

#FollowFriday and #WritersLift: Don’t Just Follow, Engage!

Column by Amanda Bender
A look at how #FollowFriday and #writerslift are promoting a follower-focused mentality and overshadowing the real purpose of Twitter: engaging and connecting with the writing community.

10 Writers Killing It On Twitter in 2019

Column by Gabino Iglesias April 12, 2019
Twitter is a crucial part of a writer's platform. Here are some folks doing it right.

In Defense of YA Twitter

Column by Karis Rogerson
A look at the positive side of YA Twitter.

"It's Not a Horror Movie, It's a Psychological Thriller!"

Column by Max Booth III October 18, 2017
Batman slapping robin.jpg
To Kill A Mockingbird: Chelsea Cain, Twitter, Comics, And Online Harassment

To Kill A Mockingbird: Chelsea Cain, Twitter, Comics, And Online Harassment

News by Peter Derk October 31, 2016
What the hell is going on with comics, Chelsea Cain, Twitter, and Mockingbird?

10 Reasons Why Social Media Doesn't Do A Damn Thing For Writers

Column by Peter Derk October 5, 2016
Your book isn't selling despite your social media efforts? Welcome to the club.

When Writers Do It Wrong: The Top 10 Ways To Annoy Your Twitter Followers

Column by Annie Neugebauer September 8, 2016
Tweet less. Tweet better. Tweet relevantly. And for the love of all that is holy, stop annoying your followers. Here’s the 10 most annoying things I see writers do on Twitter, plus how to fix them.

8 Ways To Fix Your Social Media Screw-Up

Column by Peter Derk January 6, 2016
You're an author who screwed up on social media. What do you do next, hotshot? What do you do?

How to Make the Internet a Less Scary Place: Three Rules for Writers

Column by Cath Murphy October 19, 2015
Negotiating the internet can be a little like wandering a dark room with nothing on your feet but your socks. Here's how to get from one side to the other without stubbing your toes.
Twitter Fiction Festival Launches Next Week

Twitter Fiction Festival Launches Next Week

News by Raine Winters
Everybody get ready to refresh your Twitter feeds!
#TakeMyMoney: Hachette Sells Books Through Twitter

#TakeMyMoney: Hachette Sells Books Through Twitter

News by Peter Derk
Hachette's got a new scheme for selling books. Introducing the Twitter "BUY" button.

5 More Quick, Easy Ways to Promote Yourself in Your Underwear

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard August 20, 2014
Make every email a call to action! Learn to glitter on Twitter! Turn LinkedIn into an office where everyone helps everybody else and no one weeps silently in the restroom!
David Mitchell Tweets Short Story

David Mitchell Tweets Short Story to Promote New Novel

News by Peter Derk July 22, 2014
'Cloud Atlas' Author David Mitchell (@david_mitchell) tweets out his newest short story, 144 characters at a time.

This Is The Single Biggest Mistake Indie Authors Make While Promoting Their Work—And It Needs To Stop

Column by Rob Hart June 13, 2014
Retweets are not currency. Followers are not currency. If you want to sell your book, then stop doing it so damn wrong.

In Defence of Snark: Why Dark Humour Can Save Your Life

Column by Cath Murphy March 24, 2014
Did something terrible happen? Don't cry. Don't bore your friends with the details. Pick up a pen and write a joke about it.

Social Media and the Law: What Can You Write and Do You Own Your Content?

Column by Jessica Meddows
There isn't a legal moratorium on social media - laws that apply to writing still apply on channels like Facebook and Twitter. But what can't you say? And what rights do you retain?
Stephen King Joins Twitter — Finally!

Stephen King Joins Twitter — Finally!

News by Dean Fetzer December 9, 2013
The best-selling horror writer has set up a Twitter account, getting 30,000 followers in 3 minutes before warning fans “not expect too much”.
Bret Easton Ellis Not a Fan of Nobel Winner Alice Munro

Bret Easton Ellis Not a Fan of Nobel Winner Alice Munro

News by Dean Fetzer October 14, 2013
The author “took to Twitter” on Friday to make his feelings clear on the subject of the latest Nobel Prize in Literature winner, calling the writer “completely overrated”.
Joyce Carol Oates Egypt tweets

Twitter Storm Erupts Over Joyce Carol Oates Egypt Tweets

News by Dean Fetzer July 9, 2013
The author has upset the Twittersphere with her tweets linking Islam and rape culture — oops.

Short Cuts: 7 Twitter Tips for Writers

Column by Cath Murphy
Writers have a problem with brevity, which is a shame because Twitter doesn't let you waffle. Here's how to make the stern mistress of 140 characters work for you.
Steven Soderbergh Writes Twitter Novella

Director Steven Soderbergh Writes Twitter Novella

News by Christopher Shultz April 30, 2013
The man's always been an oddball in Hollywood blockbuster-maker's clothes. His latest project is no exception.
"Worst. Person. Ever." by Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland Announces New Novel Via Twitter

News by Christopher Shultz
In about 140 characters, the author reveals a title and release date for his forthcoming book.