8 Killer True Crime Books for Fans of 'In Cold Blood'

Column by Jena Brown
To celebrate Capote's birthday, here are 8 true crime books that read with the same intimacy and heartbreaking detail as "In Cold Blood."
 Kim Vodicka: Interview

Kim Vodicka: "I’m Only A Horror Writer Because My Life Is A Nightmare"

Interview by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart interviews Memphis writer Kim Vodicka, author of 'Dear Ted' (Really Serious Literature).

Pass the Stuffing and the True Crime: 8 Titles to Get You Through the Holidays

Column by Leah Dearborn
It’s the holiday season again, so we're here to do the perennial good work of keeping readers from murdering their families by providing an ulterior outlet.

LURID: Moral Panic in Poetry — A Quilt for David

Column by Karina Wilson October 5, 2021
Sometimes the best way to retell a tarnished story is through poetry. Steven Reigns' new book, "A Quilt For David", re-examines an old moral panic from the 1990s and finds it wanting.

Crime and Opportunity: When True-Crime Won't Sustain A Narrative

Column by Gabriel Hart September 28, 2021
A critique on the exploitive tendencies of true-crime.

On Missing Women: Abandon All Hope

Column by David James Keaton August 2, 2021
Writers looking to do the right thing on the page or in real life (what's the difference again?) abandon hope, all ye who enter here!

What I Learned From Writing "A Return to Spring"

Column by Gabriel Hart January 6, 2021
Think about all the stories that fall under radar, which sculpted your town into the place it is today.

The Strange Case of Hazel Drew

Column by Leza Cantoral
Few are familiar with the mysterious murder that would go on to inspire the television show, "Twin Peaks."

7 Podcast Adaptations You Should Know About

Column by Emmanuel Nataf September 5, 2019
With big sensations such as Amazon Prime’s "Homecoming" rocking the screen as we speak, it's time for you to meet the next biggest podcasts-turned-TV-shows-and-films.
I'll Be Gone in the Dark

I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsession

Review by David James Keaton
Michelle McNamara's book "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" is undeniably an accomplishment, both because of and in spite of its fractured nature of the project.
A Murder Reverberates: Eryk Pruitt on the the Valentine’s Day Murders

A Murder Reverberates: Eryk Pruitt on the Valentine’s Day Murders

Interview by Max Booth III
Eryk Pruitt discuses his upcoming true crime podcast about the murder that still haunts his home town of Durham, NC, as well as his recently released novel.

10 Books to Read After Watching 'Mindhunter'

Column by Max Booth III November 27, 2017
Books to accompany Netflix's groundbreaking new series from David Fincher.

17 Recommended Podcasts To Help You Improve As A Writer and Human Being

Column by Michael David Wilson April 19, 2017
A selection of podcasts that will not only help you grow as a writer but as a human being.

Hail Satan! The Return Of REAL 80's Nostalgia

Column by Keith Rawson April 11, 2017
Literature is finally starting to tackle the phenomena of 'Satanic Panic' that took hold during the 80's, and with stellar results.

Writing the Crime Scene: Arson

Column by Repo Kempt January 25, 2017
A guide to writing realistic depictions of arson and fire investigation in crime fiction.

LURID: Last Seen Wearing - Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains Databases

Column by Karina Wilson August 11, 2016
LURID takes a look at the complex subculture surrounding the Missing and the Found, especially the online databases making armchair detecting easier than ever before. Is this a new form of narrative?
Patton Oswalt Plans To Finish Late Wife's Book

Patton Oswalt Plans To Finish Late Wife's Book

News by Peter Derk August 4, 2016
Patton Oswalt has announced he will finish the book started by his late wife, Michelle McNamara.
‘Making a Murderer’ Lawyer Lands Book Deal

‘Making a Murderer’ Lawyer Lands Book Deal

News by Raine Winters March 10, 2016
The story of Steven Avery isn’t over just yet.

Making A Murderer: How Good Storytelling Made It So Damn Compelling

Column by Peter Derk
'Making A Murderer' was a fascinating story, but good storytelling made it truly excellent.

Ring in the Noir Year: 2016 Edition — 8 More Promising Crime Titles

Column by Leah Dearborn January 6, 2016
Break out the smokes and champagne, it's that time of the year again.
5 Remembrances For Ann Rule

5 Remembrances For Ann Rule

News by Peter Derk July 29, 2015
Did you know Ann Rule was Ted Bundy's co-worker? That and other remembrances for Ann Rule, R.I.P.

Ring in the Noir Year: 8 Promising New Crime Titles For 2015

Column by Leah Dearborn January 19, 2015
A New Year’s roundup of some promising noir, mystery, and true crime to ring in 2015.

LURID: Written On Her Body - The Black Dahlia

Column by Karina Wilson January 15, 2015
The mutilated corpse of Elizabeth Short was discovered on January 15, 1947. Her killer has never been named, yet countless fictions have been written on the only evidence there ever was — her body.

Breaking the Rules: How the Serial Podcast Achieved its Insane Popularity

Column by Cath Murphy January 14, 2015
In November last year, the 'Serial' podcast hit 5m downloads. But what explains its insane popularity? Is it because of the rules that it follows, or because of the rules that it breaks?

LURID: Get Your Motor Running — Bad Boy Bikers in Fiction and Memoir

Column by Karina Wilson September 8, 2014
The FIFTIETH (count 'em) Lurid takes a look at America's fascination with outlaw biker gangs, from 'The Wild One' to the final season of 'Sons of Anarchy', which begins on TV this week.