That Swag: Book Promotion Ideas

Column by Sadie Hartmann
An inside look at book swag. Is it worth spending the extra money to create promotional material for your book?

Sell Books, Get Noticed: Google Analytics for Authors

Column by Peter Derk September 6, 2019
Data is power. Don't rage against the machine, use it.

The Agony & the Ecstasy of the Best-Seller List

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Why did Regnery Publishing quit the New York Times best-seller list? How do best-seller lists work anyway?

Ways Writers (and Readers) Can Cash in on Back to School

Column by Annie Neugebauer
How can writers (and readers) cash in on the Back to School rush even if they're not students? Sales, deals, and more!

10 Things Selling Books at Festivals and Cons Has Taught Me About Writing

Column by Christoph Paul May 5, 2017
I give ten examples of how tabling at book festivals has helped my writing improve.

5 Tips for Writing Short Stories That Sell

Column by George Cotronis February 9, 2017
This is your year. Get published.

You've Published Your First Story in a Pro Magazine...Now What?

Column by Christopher Shultz July 6, 2016
What to do with that white whale once you've finally caught it...
The New Binge-Ability Of Books

The New Binge-Ability Of Books

News by Peter Derk June 9, 2016
Forget waiting, we want binge-able books, and we want them now!
Mass Market Plunge

Mass Market Paperback Sales Trending Down. Way Down.

News by Brandon Tietz December 2, 2011
Mass market paperback sales are down 54% from last year. Is print on its way out?
Book Sales

3 of the Big 6 to Provide Sales Data to Authors

News by Brandon Tietz October 21, 2011
The Big 6 were notorious for making sales virtually unavailable to their authors, but in the wake of Amazon's publishing endeavor, half of them are changing their tune.