Book Marketing Like a Rock Star

Column by Christoph Paul March 31, 2022
Christoph Paul ponders why it is easier for him to promote his music than his writing, and what a writer can do to be more like a musician when it comes to marketing.
Interview: Max Collins of Eve 6

Interview: Max Collins of Eve 6

Interview by Christoph Paul March 9, 2022
This isn't 1998, so why am I interviewing Max Collins from Eve 6 for LitReactor?

Writing a Novel vs. Writing an Album

Column by Christoph Paul January 24, 2022
Which is harder to finish? Some thoughts from a person who did both.

The Poetry of Joni Mitchell’s "Blue" Album: An Appreciation

Column by David Cranmer
Joni Mitchell’s 'Blue' turns 50. Poet and Mitchell fan David Cranmer eclectically reflects on Blue’s impact that is still growing, her connection to the confessional poets, and why this music endures.

Thirteen Musicians Who Can Also Write

Column by Gabriel Hart March 23, 2021
Music isn't the end-all to self-expression. For a lot of us it’s just the foreword.

Four Reasons Hulu Executives Were Fools To Cancel “High Fidelity”

Column by Christopher Shultz
This transformative new adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel was sorely needed in 2020, so why the hell did Hulu give it the ax?

Writing Advice From Metal Songs

Column by Elle Nash May 8, 2020
Take heed from these brutal overlords of shred and get back to work.

Bob Seger's "Night Moves": A Short Lesson on Repetition

Column by Peter Derk
Bet you didn't know this Seger classic was a master class in writing fiction.
Jeff Jackson Destroys All Interviews

Jeff Jackson Destroys All Interviews

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky October 15, 2018
The "Mira Corpora" author discusses accessibility, punk rock, and his new two-sided novel.

When Books and Music Meet: 18 Literary Creations That Rock

Column by Annie Neugebauer August 25, 2017
Music & books: every once in a while, an artist comes along who manages to build a bridge between the two, and when that happens the results can be pretty awesome.

6 Reasons Aspiring Writers Should Act More Like Musicians

Column by Christoph Paul July 20, 2017
Musicians can't be posers——they actually have to practice their instrument.
Fake Punk News: An Interview with Hard Times Founder/Editor Matt Saincome

Fake Punk News: An Interview with Hard Times Founder/Editor Matt Saincome

Interview by Christoph Paul
Christoph Paul interviews the founder and head editor of popular punk satire site The Hard Times.
Bookshots: 'Chuck Klosterman X' by Chuck Klosterman

Bookshots: 'Chuck Klosterman X' by Chuck Klosterman

Review by Max Booth III
A highly specific, defiantly incomplete history of the early 21st century.

5 Writing Lessons You Can Learn From Pop Punk

Column by Peter Derk May 15, 2017
This ain't a scene. It's a goddamn writing clinic.

It's Faerie Season!

Column by Stephanie Bonjack May 1, 2017
Did you know there are Faerie festivals happening all over the world? Time to get your faerie on!

5 Bands/Musicians Who Might Actually Write Crime Fiction

Column by Max Booth III April 27, 2017
Of course Nickelback made the list.

The Case For and Against Bob Dylan's Nobel Win

Column by Peter Derk April 7, 2017
Does Dylan deserve the Nobel in Literature? Is the answer blowin' in the wind?

10 Film Scores to Listen to While Writing

Column by Max Booth III February 17, 2017
Screw you, silence!
Bookshots: 'Shadowbahn' by Steve Erickson

Bookshots: 'Shadowbahn' by Steve Erickson

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky
Steve Erickson returns with a musical elegy for the 20th Century.

7 Reasons Authors Need to be More Like Rappers

Column by Gabino Iglesias February 13, 2017
It's time authors learned a thing or two from rappers and made the literary world a bit more exciting.
Bookshots: 'The Sick Bag Song' by Nick Cave

Bookshots: 'The Sick Bag Song' by Nick Cave

Review by Leah Dearborn November 7, 2016
Would I want to live in Nick Cave's mind? Probably not, but I don't really think he does either.

9 Literary Treats Made Into Musicals

Column by Holly Slater
Having a background in musical theater, I'm familiar with several books turned musicals. You can make practically anything into a musical. Here's a few gems that took off, and some that tanked.

8 Mini Grammar Studies in Modern Music

Column by Holly Slater August 12, 2016
Music is a great way to remember specific details. When you take a closer look at the lyrics in certian songs, you can easily remember tricky grammar devices and spend less time looking things up.

The Desert Island Bands of 13 of Your Favorite Writers

Column by Max Booth III June 17, 2016
We asked 13 writers how their desert island bands have affected their own writing. Answers from Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen Graham Jones, Josh Malerman, and many others!

Book vs Album: 'Blood Meridian' vs 'The Last Pale Light in the West'

Column by Peter Derk June 2, 2016
Because we'll never get a book-to-movie on this one, Cormac McCarthy's 'Blood Meridian' versus Ben Nichols' 'The Last Pale Light In The West.'