Top 5s, Top 10s, even Top 8's. Everyone loves lists! And we have a ton of 'em!

How to Shop for a Writer: the Holiday Edition

Column by Emmanuel Nataf December 7, 2020
If you want imaginative suggestions for your literary pal’s present, we’ve got the holiday gift guide of your dreams, featuring a baker’s dozen of picks to suit any budget.

27 Indie Bookstores to Support Online in 2021

Column by Peter Derk
Between solving mysteries, curating titles, and cats galore, these stores got what you need.

LitReactor Staff Picks: The Best Books of 2020 - Part I

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 3, 2020
Submitted for your approval (or derision): Members of the LitReactor staff offer up their favorite reads, old and new, of 2020. Featuring: Rob Hart, Kathe Koja, Lindsay Lerman, Jay Wilburn, Peter Derk

10 Books on Writing and Creativity Every Author Should Ask for this Holiday Season

Column by Jay Wilburn December 1, 2020
These may be the books that break you out of a rut, elevate your work, or help you find your way forward as a creator.

How to Protect Your Writing Time From Distraction

Column by Lisa Bubert
Creative time is precious. Don't let the outside world steal it.

A Short Tour of Gimmick Covers

Column by Peter Derk
Punch some holes, break out the foil, and if you've got tasteful nudes, save 'em for something else. Taste has no place in the world of gimmick covers.

7 Reasons You Should Actually Read Moby-Dick

Column by Annie Neugebauer
The classic novel that few have actually read, "Moby-Dick" is truly worth your time. Here are 7 reasons why.

Storyville: 10 Tips on How to Be a Good Critique Partner

Column by Richard Thomas
Advice on how to be a good critique partner, no matter what the situation.

Appetite for Destruction: 7 Food Horror Books

Column by Sadie Hartmann November 17, 2020
If you are a foodie who also happens to enjoy horror, these recommendations are for you. Bring your appetite!

7 Books for Fans of Subtle Horror

Column by Sadie Hartmann November 9, 2020
Seven subtle horror books to satisfy readers who enjoy a quiet, creeping dread—perfect for the coming winter months.

Poets Who Bled on the Page

Column by David Cranmer
Poets have surged in popularity during these uncertain times, as they have an awareness that slices to the heart of the problems we all face.

Don’t Miss Out: A Tana French Primer

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Everything you need to know to get started reading the best author you need to know.

What's Scary In Small, Indie, and Self-Pub

Column by Peter Derk
If you're looking for big thrills, you have to go small.

Chuck-alikes: A Chuck Palahniuk Read-alike List Part 2

Column by Peter Derk October 12, 2020
Part 2 of our MASSIVE list of Palahniuk read-a-likes that should hold you over until Chuck's next release.

The Top 10 Costumes for Writers in 2020

Column by Gabino Iglesias October 6, 2020
It's the best time of the year. With a bizarre Hallloween around the corner and everyone wearing masks, it's time to recommended some costumes for writers.

Chuck-alikes: A Chuck Palahniuk Read-alike List (Part 1)

Column by Peter Derk October 5, 2020
A MASSIVE list of Palahniuk read-a-likes that should hold you over until Chuck's next release.

Ten Editing Tricks that Will Make Your Writing Better

Column by Gabino Iglesias September 23, 2020
After the writing comes the editing, and that's where a lot of writers struggle. Here are ten tricks to help you improve your process.

8 Women Business Owners in Horror

Column by Sadie Hartmann September 22, 2020
September 22nd is American Business Women's Day. To celebrate, I've gathered a list of women-owned businesses in my preferred genre of horror. I hope you find something to support!

Halloween 2020 Reading List

Column by Sadie Hartmann September 18, 2020
With October just a few weeks away, it's time to collect all those seasonal, Halloweenish books you want to enjoy!

Reviewing Chuck Palahniuk's Reviewers

Column by Peter Derk September 9, 2020
Book reviewers love to hate Chuck Palahniuk.

Confessions of a Short Story Addict: More, More, More

Column by Sadie Hartmann August 25, 2020
An anthology is a perfect package; introducing readers to their next favorite author one short story at a time.

The Best Star Trek Novels: A Personal List

Column by BH Shepherd
A few fondly remembered favorites from a well-read fan.

Buy or Deny: 18 Trump Books You Should Consider Reading Before Election Day

Column by Andrea J. Johnson August 13, 2020
Eighteen of the best books to read about Trump and his administration, and eight more that aren't so hot.

Best Self-Published Horror Books of 2020 So Far

Column by Sadie Hartmann August 11, 2020
There is a wealth of talent in self-published horror fiction. You just need to know where to look (because there is a lot of crap too).

How to Purge the Thousand Story Ideas Running Around In Your Head

Column by Peter Derk July 27, 2020
You've got a bunch of ideas dragging on your limited resources. Let's get rid of 'em.