LitReactor Staff Picks: The Best Books of 2014 (part 3)

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 22, 2014
Submitted for your approval (or derision): Members of the LitReactor staff offer up their favorite reads, old and new, of 2014.
Lidia Yuknavitch

The Story You Made of Me: An Interview Lidia Yuknavitch about Dismissed Narratives

Interview by Elle Nash November 21, 2014
In the wake of controversy surrounding Lena Dunham's new book, Yuknavitch discusses the importance of subversion in non-fiction.
Lena Dunham to Write 4-part Archie Story

Lena Dunham to Write 4-part Archie Story

News by Sean May March 4, 2014
The 'Girls' creator is going to be writing a story about a different set of girls — Betty and Veronica in particular

COUNTERPOINT: We Shouldn't Be Giving Lena Dunham a Break

Column by John Jarzemsky February 18, 2013
Lena Dunham and her series 'Girls' are worthy of criticism, they just aren't getting the right kind.

Call It What It Is: The Hatred Directed At Lena Dunham Is Petty, Childish Bullshit

Column by Rob Hart February 8, 2013
Lena Dunham, the 26-year-old writer and star of HBO's 'Girls', invites quite a bit of derision on the internet. Maybe because other writers are mostly just jealous of her success?
Lena Dunham Seeking 1 Million For 1st Book

UPDATE: SOLD! Lena Dunham Is Seeking One Million Dollars For Her First Book

News by Benoît Lelièvre October 9, 2012
The creator and star of HBO's hit show "Girls" is shopping her first manuscript. The asking price? Just one million dollars.
News, The New Yorker

'The New Yorker' Introduces iPhone App With Help From Most Handsome Man Ever (And Others)

News by Rob Hart August 9, 2012
'The New Yorker' has debuted an iPhone app--and they've introduced it through a pretty funny video starring Lena Dunham, Alex Karpovsky, and the most handsome man ever, Jon Hamm.