The State of the Great American Novel

Column by Leah Dearborn July 19, 2016
How can anyone make a statement about what constitutes a Great American Novel without a better understanding of what Americans are actually reading and why?
Infinite Best? New Trailer For David Foster Wallace Movie

Infinite Best? New Trailer For David Foster Wallace Movie

News by Peter Derk
A new trailer has been released for 'The End of the Tour', the David Foster Wallace movie starring Jason Segel.

10 Books I Will Finally Read This Year

Column by Christine J. Schmidt January 27, 2015
I've put them off for too long!

The Blagger's Guide to David Foster Wallace

Column by Cath Murphy October 4, 2012
Do you develop indigestion at the prospect of consuming Infinite Jest’s 1097 pages? Dine instead on this tiny, bite-sized knowledge snack about the man the Chicago Tribune once called a genius.
Explore The Boston Of 'Infinite Jest'? Ellis on Wallace

Want To Explore The Boston Of 'Infinite Jest'? Also, Bret Easton Ellis Not A Fan Of David Foster Wallace

News by Rob Hart September 6, 2012
William Beutler has created Infinite Atlas, an interactive guide to the Boston of David Foster Wallace's novel. Also, Bret Easton Ellis today launched a Twitter tirade against the late writer.