LitReactor's 2018 Black Friday For Readers And Writers

Column by Peter Derk
It's not crass consumerism if you shop while daintily sipping tea.

5 Unconventional Gifts for Writers (to Sharpen Craft and Productivity)

Column by Michael David Wilson February 29, 2016
Looking for something a little different to buy the writer in your life? Here are some presents that will leave your loved one more efficient which means more time to spend with you. Win-win.

Caffeinated Lit: 9 Coffee and Book Pairings

Column by Christine J. Schmidt October 16, 2014
Find out what book goes best with your favorite caffeinated beverage.

Writer Without Residence: Keeping it Lit on the Road

Column by Emma McMorran Clark June 25, 2014
Writer-in-residency. Pfft. Been done. What about the great tradition of the travelling storyteller, a writer’s life on the road like, well...'On the Road'?

Offer The Coffee Branch: A Plea For Peace From A Coffee Shop Writer

Column by Peter Derk May 28, 2014
A peace treaty for coffee shop writers and non-writers, profiling 5 of the worst types of coffee shop writers. Let's end the madness.

Library Love: Library Spaces In A Virtual World

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Why use a library when there's Wi-Fi at Starbucks and "everything" is online? Is there a reason to visit a library anymore?
LitReactor Coffee Mug Giveaway Winners!

LitReactor Coffee Mug Giveaway Winners!

News by Kirk Clawes January 3, 2012
These lucky people will soon be drinking coffee in style.
LitReactor Coffee Mug

Giveaway: Get Your Hands On A Coveted LitReactor Coffee Mug! Only 5 Days Left.

News by Kirk Clawes December 27, 2011
One mug to rule them all and in LitReactor bind them! LitReactor celebrates its first giveaway with coffee and workshopping!