Christa Faust Auditioning Butch Dicks For Book Trailer

Christa Faust Auditioning Butch Dicks For Book Trailer, UPDATED WITH KICKSTARTER!

News by Rob Hart June 8, 2012
Do you have what it takes to portray Dyke Dick Butch Fatale in a book trailer? Christa Faust is auditioning for the role--and the reading public will pick the winner.
Christa Faust

New Class: 'TOUGH DAMES- How To Write Believable Hardboiled Heroines' w/ Christa Faust - Starts March 19th

News by Dennis Widmyer
Announcing a new class w/ Christa Faust: 'TOUGH DAMES: How To Write Believable Hardboiled Heroines,' a 4-week beginner-friendly class starting March 19th.
Christa Faust

Dames Don't Get Tougher Than LitReactor's Latest Instructor, Christa Faust

Interview by Rob Hart March 9, 2012
We're excited to have Christa Faust teaching for us. Here's why you shouldn't miss her class--especially if you love the hardboiled genre, and want to write strong women.
Christa Faust to debut hardboiled lesbian erotica series

Christa Faust to Debut Hardboiled Lesbian Erotica Series

News by Rob Hart
Christa Faust, author of pulp hits Money Shot and Choke Hold, is writing a hardboiled erotica series following a lesbian private investigator