Are You a Writer or an Author?

Column by Jay Wilburn November 8, 2021
Are you a writer or an author? This simple question can get more complicated the deeper you dig. Jay Wilburn asked several creators then analyzed the results.

Author Beware: New Lit Mags

Column by Brandon Tietz February 26, 2013
New literary magazines may seem like a way to rustle up a quick publication to add to the resume, but you might just be wasting your story with empty credentials.

Book Readings: Bar vs. Bookstore

Column by Brandon Tietz June 15, 2012
Two readings: one book store, one bar. Which was better? Well, it depends on if you prefer alcohol or silence more.
Toni Morrison declines to write memoir

Toni Morrison Was Going To Write A Memoir, But Decided Her Life Wasn't Interesting Enough

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 19, 2012
Which forces us to all ask the question: if Toni Morrison's life isn't interesting enough for a memoir, is anyone's?
The Rumpus to Start Sending You Letters In the Mail

The Rumpus to Start Sending You Letters In the Mail

News by Brandon Tietz January 3, 2012
The Rumpus is starting a print subscription called 'Letters In the Mail,' in which notable authors will write letters to subscribers.
"House Of Prayer No 2" by Mark Richard

Growing Up in the Company of Books - The Life of Mark Richard

Interview by Kasey Carpenter November 16, 2011
We sit down with Mark Richard to discuss his memoir, HOUSE OF PRAYER NO. 2; his screenwriting life, and the years that made him the man he is today.

The Author's To-Don't List

Column by Brandon Tietz November 15, 2011
Authors have a pretty standard lexicon of advice they give to young writers, but sometimes it's what you don't do that matters most.
Dennis Cooper

Solving The Puzzle of Sex and Violence With Dennis Cooper

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky November 3, 2011
Cult author Dennis Cooper discusses his latest novel, "The Marbled Swarm," as well as his history of sex and violence.
Tyra Gollum

The Stress of Writing A Bestselling YA Fantasy Novel Gave Tyra Banks Alopecia

News by Brandon Tietz October 18, 2011
Tyra Banks wrote a book that made the New York Time's bestseller's list, and no, hell has not froze over, but she did start to lose her hair.
Chuck Palahniuk Finds Hell in an Author's Suite

Chuck Palahniuk Finds Hell in an Author's Suite

Interview by Kasey Carpenter October 18, 2011
We sit down with Chuck Palahniuk to discuss the thinking behind his new novel, DAMNED.
A Conversation with Daniel Woodrell

A Conversation with Daniel Woodrell

Interview by Keith Rawson October 5, 2011
LitReactor corespondent Keith Rawson interviews author Daniel Woodrell about his latest book, the short story collection, The Outlaw Album