Sharpen Your Pencils, Sharpen Your Skills: Author Advice for 2015

 Author Advice Murakami, George R. R. Martin

2015 just started, and already we've got a whole slew of advice from authors.

Penguin Random House is sponsoring Write Start, a site that will offer more than 40 essays from authors advising on just about everything.

From Penguin Random House:

Learn which authors write using a standing treadmill desk, keep notebooks filled with fragments of overheard conversations, and have a writing playlist with 1,351 songs.

Today's Write Start essay is by none other than LitReactor favorite Andy Weir.

Haruki Murakami fans have something to celebrate in 2015. Murakami will be taking fan questions of any type and in a variety of languages. Fans can ask the author anything between January 15th and the end of the month. The author, usually known for being a bit shy of the spotlight, said,

After so long, I want to exchange emails with readers.

The site where questions can be posed is unavailable at this point, so keep an eye out. If you can read Japanese, maybe keep an eye on this site for the rest of us?

Finally, if neither of those ideas strikes you, George R.R. Martin has become the go-to guy for advice and opinions on just about anything. As a quick review, here are some recent blog posts:

He was unhappy about an NFL call:

If I was a Detroit Lions fan, I'd be screaming for referee blood about that.

He made sure The Interview hit the big screen:

So come join us, and celebrate Christmas... and free speech... with Seth Rogen.

He quashed rumors about being inspired by Star Wars:

I liked the first two STAR WARS movies, the third not so much, the prequels not at all, and the trailer for the new one had no impact on me one way or the other, and let's face it, even the best of 'em is no FORBIDDEN PLANET.

And, finally, he set out his steps to fix Hollywood.

Instead of shows where assholes and audiences make mock of wannabees who cannot sing and dance, let's bring back the variety show and feature really GOOD singers and really GOOD dancers.

You can always read George R.R. Maritn's blog here.

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Josh Zancan's picture
Josh Zancan from Crofton, MD is reading East of Eden by John Steinbeck January 7, 2015 - 2:38pm

It's gotten to the point that whenever I see a column about writing advice, I feel like weeping.  Not that I'm against advice (I'll give it and take it in a heartbeat), but it's so often sold as blanket rules on "how to be a good writer," and I always worry it'll warp some impressionable person on "right ways" and "wrong ways" to write (especially if that person is younger, like a teenager).  There are some writing "rules" that have gotten into my head, and even though I didn't totally agree with them, I found myself measuring up to them and pre-judging.  That was a while ago and I got out that mindset, but it drove me crazy at the time.