‘Day One’ - A New Literary Journal for Kindle by Amazon

‘Day One’ - A New Literary Journnal for Kindle by Amazon

The Kindle needs more content, of course, and Amazon Publishing is obliging by launching a new weekly digital literary magazine “dedicated to short fiction and poetry.” It is called Day One and will showcase “one writer and one poet per week”. Delivered wirelessly to your Kindle. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Well, that’s what Amazon’s counting on.

"Literary journals have long been an important part of giving a voice and a platform to new and undiscovered authors,” said Daphne Durham, publisher of the adult trade and children’s group. “We are trying to add to that tradition in a digital age.”

There’s an annual subscription fee of $19.99, but you can sign up now for just $9.99. Sounds like a bargain, particularly as it’s mostly new talent that’s being featured here, not established authors and poets. It’s just the latest attempt to generate new outlets for digital media.

It’ll be interesting to see if Amazon is able to re-spark interest in literary journals and turn it into a lucrative business. For now, all we can really say is that the company is definitely playing a long game.

Absolutely. Is this something you’d be interested in providing content for? Or is it something you’d be interested in subscribing to? It’s unclear how submissions are going to be taken, but I suspect it will showcase new Amazon Publishing talent.

You can find out more on the Day One page.

Dean Fetzer

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Amanda Harvey from Appalachian Mountains of NC is reading Re-reading Lord of the Rings, and 2013 Non-required Reading January 31, 2014 - 4:51am

As a hopeful author myself (and a lover of literary journals), I subscribed to this late last year.  The stories are high quality, so far well edited, and diverse in topic.  I was just trying to look into the "hows" of submitting to Day One, so if you have found any information since you posted this last October, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.