Offer The Coffee Branch: A Plea For Peace From A Coffee Shop Writer

Column by Peter Derk
May 28, 2014 (6) comments
A peace treaty for coffee shop writers and non-writers, profiling 5 of the worst types of coffee shop writers. Let's end the madness.

Path to Publication 2.3: Sequelitis

Column by Rob Hart
May 27, 2014 (2) comments
I've sold the sequel to my debut novel! This has me thinking a lot about sequels — the upsides and the downsides. Mostly the downsides, because that's what I'm trying to avoid.

LURID: Dracula - The Grandaddy Of Them All

Column by Karina Wilson
May 26, 2014 (1) comments
Happy birthday Dracula! Since his first appearance in print on this day in 1897 he has never relinquished his hypnotic hold on our imaginations. Lurid takes a look at his genesis and legacy.

Poetry Fun-0-1: How to Write a Sonnet

Column by Brian McGackin
May 23, 2014 (4) comments
How do I love sonnets? Let me count the — wait...

4 Signs That You're Not Writing Enough...and 4 Things You Can Do About It

May 23, 2014 (6) comments
Once you had the good stuff, But now it feels like a bluff? Here's some tips to get tough, And start writing enough...or at least more.

Stop Stressing Over Genre and Just Write

Column by Max Booth III
May 22, 2014 (11) comments
Genre exists to limit writers. Break those walls down. There are no rules, only you and your story.

Product Review: Scrivener

Column by Christopher Shultz
May 21, 2014 (10) comments
How does this word processor — made by writers, for writers — stack up to other software?

Like a Broken Record: Are There Really Only Seven Plots?

Column by Leah Dearborn
May 20, 2014 (6) comments
Is any author truly innovative, or are all stories built on one of only seven sets of blueprints?

Edit My Paragraph! The Maiden Voyage

Column by Gayle Towell
May 19, 2014 (6) comments
In this column, samples of prose submitted by readers are analyzed and edited.