'Double Dexter' by Jeff Lindsay

"Double Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay

Review by Brandon Tietz
October 20, 2011 (6) comments
In the sixth installment of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series, Dexter Morgan continues dispensing his personal brand of justice, but everything changes when he’s caught in the act by a mysterious witness.
"Djibouti" by Elmore Leonard

"Djibouti" by Elmore Leonard

Review by Keith Rawson
October 18, 2011 (2) comments
Pirates, documentary filmmakers, and a race around the African coastline make up the latest from the king of all crime fiction, Elmore Leonard. Avast!
The Marriage Plot

"The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides

Review by Phil Jourdan
October 13, 2011 (2) comments
A work of supreme kindness and compassion about depression and growing up.
"Damascus" by Joshua Mohr

'Damascus' by Joshua Mohr

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky
October 11, 2011 (3) comments
A cancer patient, a prostitute, and Santa Claus walk into a bar...
'The Visible Man' by Chuck Klosterman

'The Visible Man' by Chuck Klosterman

Review by Meredith Borders
October 10, 2011 (6) comments
Chuck Klosterman's 'The Visible Man' is a philosophical study on the fleeting nature of reality disguised as a super fun sci-fi thriller.
"Snuff" by Terry Pratchett

"Snuff" by Terry Pratchett

Review by Farah Mendlesohn
October 6, 2011 (7) comments
The 39th (yes, you read that right) addition to the popular Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.
"In Other Worlds" by Margaret Atwood

'In Other Worlds' by Margaret Atwood

Review by Joshua Chaplinsky
October 4, 2011 (4) comments
Part autobiography, part literary criticism, and- depending on your definition of the term- ALL science fiction, baby.