Reflections on the Difficulties and Influence of Joyce

Column by Joshua Isard
February 1, 2019 (2) comments
One writer's account of appreciating the good and the bad of James Joyce.

Exploring the Film and Television References in Silent Hill

We deep dive into the film and television influences on the Silent Hill game series.

Narrative Detour: Rediscover Your Novel

Column by BH Shepherd
A fun exercise to help you push forward when writing your novel becomes a slog.

How to Submit Writing Like A Relentless Force of Nature

Column by Peter Derk
Don't get down. Get published.

5 Books About Death and Renewal for the New Year

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
January 25, 2019 (2) comments
New Year's Resolutions not your thing? Perhaps a meditation on death and renewal will get you focused for the year. My suggestions to get you started.

"Indie for life! But wait...": The Agent Conundrum

Column by Gabino Iglesias
January 24, 2019 (1) comments
To agent or not to agent, that is the question.

Writing Can Become An Addiction If You Let It—And That's A Bad Thing

Column by Christopher Shultz
It's true that sometimes creativity and addiction go hand in hand, so what happens if you actually get addicted to creativity itself?

13 Novels Set in the World of Myth

Column by Steph Post
January 22, 2019 (1) comments
Thirteen modern novels which feature mythological settings and elements.

The Best of Stan Lee's Soapbox

Column by Peter Derk
A sensational send-off for the spectacular Stan Lee!

Most Anticipated Books of the First Half of 2019

Column by Gabino Iglesias
2018 was an awesome year for books, but it looks like 2019 wants to blow its predecessor out of the water.