LURID: Branwell Brontë—Wastrel or Romantic Hero?

Column by Karina Wilson
Why is Branwell Brontë such a hero to so many? Lurid takes a look at his wasted life, and how his perpetual failure became an integral part of the Brontë mythos.

Why A Little Writing Jealousy Is Healthy

Column by Leah Dearborn
Every writer has felt it—that twinge of jealousy when you read a sentence so perfect, it makes you angry that you didn't think of it first.

Happy Birthday, Stephen King

Column by Max Booth III
September 21, 2016 (3) comments
A love letter from A Constant Reader.

6 Annoying Things Writers Are Asked To Do And How To Ask Anyway

Column by Peter Derk
September 21, 2016 (2) comments
Are you thinking of asking a writer friend for help with something? Maybe you should think twice.

10 Standard Texts for Junior High and High School English Class: Just How Great Are They?

Column by Christopher Shultz
September 19, 2016 (3) comments
Just about everyone reads 'The Great Gatsby' or 'Romeo and Juliet' in their formative years...but should they?

7 Reasons Why Every Writer Should Journal

September 16, 2016 (2) comments
A discussion of the joys and benefits of journaling.

6 Independent Comics and Graphic Novels You Need To Read This Fall

Column by Leah Dearborn
September 16, 2016 (1) comments
A list of comics and graphic novels that would be perfect for a fall day and a mug of apple cider.

Remixing History: How 'The Get Down' Blends Fact and Fiction

Column by BH Shepherd
A look at how "The Get Down" uses fictional elements to tell a true story.

9 Ways To Punch Rejection In The Nuts—A Positive Outlook

Column by Holly Kothe
September 14, 2016 (1) comments
What are your odds of rejection as a writer? High! High as a motherfucking kite, my friend. This is a motivational piece, by the way.

What $100 Of eBook Marketing Advice Is Really Worth

Column by Peter Derk
September 14, 2016 (6) comments
If a guy were to buy $100 of eBook marketing materials, how much would it earn him?