Writing Emotions Effectively

Column by Repo Kempt
July 9, 2018 (2) comments
A guide to portraying emotions in your fiction.

The Enduring Fictional Legacy Of The Illuminati, America's Favorite Conspiracy Theory

Column by Christopher Shultz
Many people believe a centuries-old organization secretly controls the world, and we have a work of pure fiction to thank for that.

23 Books that Prove America Ain't So Bad

Column by Peter Derk
July 3, 2018 (1) comments
Cue the Lee Greenwood. Fire up the grill. And pick up a book.

The Fowlest of Influences

Column by David Cranmer
David Cranmer mixes his passions for writing and bird watching to explain how nature has benefited his prose and social media presence. Stretching comparisons with bird-brained analogies? You decide.

The Psychogeography of Crime Fiction

Column by Gabino Iglesias
June 28, 2018 (1) comments
Psychogeography may be the most important element in modern crime fiction, and the one you're paying the least attention to.

Thanos: Marvel's Greatest Movie Villain

Column by BH Shepherd
What Thanos the Mad Titan can teach us about being a great villain.

7 Books on Dinosaurs You Need to Read Before Seeing 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
To celebrate the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we did some digging into the metaphorical dirt to unearth seven must-read books on dinosaurs.

Poems to Read in an Existential Crisis and Other Unnecessarily Specific Recommendations

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Even if poetry isn’t generally your reading of choice, there’s something pretty magical about finding the perfect poem to read at the perfect time. Here are 15 to get you started.

Book vs. Film: 'Christine'

Column by Max Booth III
Stephen King and John Carpenter in the ring - who knocks who out first? The answer may not shock you!

The Sinful Virtues of Marginalia and Highlighting in Books

Column by David Cranmer
David Cranmer makes a case for why it's acceptable to underline, highlight, and write in the margins of your books.