A Disordered Digest: Three New Books Exploring Eating Disorders

Column by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart explores three new works of fiction probing eating disorders: 'Gag Reflex' by Elle Nash, '#thighgap' by Chandler Morrison, and 'The Appetite Factory' by Jon Gingerich.

Honoring the Legacy of J.F. Gonzalez

Column by Jay Wilburn
J.F. Gonzalez was a beloved author taken too soon. The stewardship of his legacy is the responsibility of one of his closest friends, fellow author Brian Keene.

Use Your Library to Save Your Library

Column by Peter Derk
If you're worried about your library shutting down, I can help. And if you're not worried about your library shutting down, you should be.

5 Lessons On How To Avoid Getting Fucked By A Publisher

Paul Michael Anderson shares what he learned advocating for his latest release.

Turning My Sons into Readers

Column by Jay Wilburn
Turning children into lifelong readers can be challenging. As a father, an author, and a former teacher, Jay Wilburn discusses how he approached this task with his sons.

The Penguin Merger: Court Is Now In Session

Column by Peter Derk
To call Penguin Random House's plan to buy Simon & Schuster the absolute worst thing to happen in the publishing world is hyperbole. Putting it in the top 3 worst things, however, is just good sense.

5 Must-Read Frankenstein Retellings

Column by Jena Brown
In honor of Shelley's birthday, we highlight 5 reimaginings of her timeless classic.

Storyville: Hate From Love—Complex Emotions in Characterization

Column by Richard Thomas
In order to truly hate, you must love first, so write your characters with this complex relationship in mind.

What I Learned at Residency — How to Believe In Myself Again

Column by Karis Rogerson
Karis Rogerson reflects on what she got out of a 10-day grad school residency in Vermont.

How Creatives Can Get Along With Business Types

Column by Peter Derk
Creatives and business types will get a lot further working together than they will fighting with each other.