What is Gutter Opera? 'Absolutely Golden' Author D. Foy Is Here To Explain...

Column by Rob Hart
LitReactor Class Director Rob Hart can't explain Gutter Opera. Only D. Foy can do that. Find out how this upcoming writing workshop can get you thinking differently about the mechanics of writing...

The 7 Greatest Fears of Horror Writers

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
October 9, 2017 (1) comments
But what chilling thoughts keep horror writers awake at night? What thing scares Stephen King? What makes R.L. Stine lose his mind?

13 Tourist Destinations for Horror Lovers

Column by Annie Neugebauer
October 6, 2017 (3) comments
A list of 13 destinations for fans of the macabre, strange, and creepy. These locations are real – and really disturbing.

Queer Stereotypes Aren't Just Bad Writing—It Goes Deeper, Says 'Writing The Rainbow' Instructor Nita Tyndall

Column by Nita Tyndall
Nita Tyndall talks a bit about her upcoming LitReactor class 'Writing the Rainbow', a two-week workshop on how to render honest gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters in your fiction.

The Agony & the Ecstasy of the Best-Seller List

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Why did Regnery Publishing quit the New York Times best-seller list? How do best-seller lists work anyway?

The Top 10 LitReactor Columns of All Time

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
October 4, 2017 (2) comments
LitReactor is officially 6 years old! We celebrate with a collection of our greatest hits.

The Top 10 Rare and Pricey Stephen King Books

Column by Gabino Iglesias
October 3, 2017 (2) comments
King is a popular, prolific author whose books can be found in almost any store that sells printed words, but some editions are special. Here are the rarest and priciest of them all.

Six Lessons I Learned Co-Writing A Novella With James Patterson

Column by Rob Hart
October 3, 2017 (1) comments
'New Yorked' and 'The Woman from Prague' author Rob Hart wrote a BookShot novella with James Patterson. 'Scott Free' is out today, and he shared some lessons he learned from the process.

LitReactor Remembers Kirk Clawes

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
October 2, 2017 (3) comments
A few kind words from the extended LitReactor family.

The 10 Best Scenes From The First 10 Anita Blake Books

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Ten stand-out scenes from the first ten books in Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series. Vampires, zombies, and werewolves -- oh my!