Race and Races in Fantasy

Column by Rajan Khanna
A look at the benefits and dangers of using non-human races in fantasy fiction.

Philip K. Dick: A Primer

Column by Jon Korn
July 25, 2012 (2) comments
With a 'Total Recall' remake about to hit theaters - and more adaptations in the pipeline - it's time to learn more about the man behind the replicants.

Bat-Mortem: The End Of Nolan's Trilogy, The Balls That Were Dropped And The Psychology Behind The Devotion

Column by Rob Hart
July 24, 2012 (34) comments
Nolan's Batman trilogy drew to a close this weekend. It was quite a ride. Let's talk about it!

Wave Of The Future: Kickstarting Comics?

Column by Kelly Thompson
July 24, 2012 (3) comments
A look at why crowdsourcing comics via Kickstarter has become so wildly popular, and a peek at four comics projects I recommend, as well as previous success stories.

Your Favorite Book Sucks: 'The Kite Runner'

Column by Cath Murphy
July 23, 2012 (27) comments
'The Kite Runner' stayed on the bestseller list for four whole years, yet the reason everyone loved it is exactly why I think it sucked.

Ask The Agent: What State Of Completion Does Your Manuscript Have To Be In When You Start Querying, Query Letter Word Count and More!

Column by Bree Ogden
July 23, 2012 (3) comments
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent, I’ll explore and dissect two of the industry’s mysteries, straight from the shoulder.

Storyville: Promotion

Column by Richard Thomas
July 20, 2012 (10) comments
In this column, we talk about some of the ways you can promote your writing, for little or no money.

Top 10 Character Cliches That Drive Me Nuts

Column by Meredith Borders
July 20, 2012 (17) comments
See also: the Mary Sue, the brooding rebel, the hooker with a heart of gold, etc.

5 Ways Your Brain Sabotages Your Writing... And What To Do About It

Column by Kimberly Turner
July 19, 2012 (17) comments
Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is that your brain hates your guts. That's just science. Help get cognitive biases and mental tomfoolery under control with these handy tips.

YA Superstar: Meg Cabot

Column by Sarah Pitre
July 19, 2012 (2) comments
The author of 'The Princess Diaries' is a queen in her own right.