Five Things You Always Wanted to Know About "The Bridge" But Were Afraid to Ask

Column by JS Breukelaar
J.S. Breukelaar tackles some tough questions about her new novel, "The Bridge," out now from Meerkat Press.

The World’s Biggest Books: Everything Is a Measuring Contest

Column by Leah Dearborn
August 5, 2021 (1) comments
A tiny village in northern Hungary has pronounced itself home to the world’s largest handmade book, which weighs over 3,000 pounds and takes six people and a special machine to turn a single page.

Goodreads: A History of Where It All Went Wrong

Column by Peter Derk
August 3, 2021 (2) comments
Is Goodreads a hellhole, a paradise, or a neglected middle-class neighborhood?

On Missing Women: Abandon All Hope

Column by David James Keaton
Writers looking to do the right thing on the page or in real life (what's the difference again?) abandon hope, all ye who enter here!

10 Best Books to Get Your Travel Back On

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
This exciting list will show you 10 of the best books to spark change in how you travel. If your inner wanderlust is dying to escape, read on!

Big Bugs and Dead Astronauts: The Joys of a Non-Human Narrator

Column by Nick Kolakowski
July 29, 2021 (3) comments
Fresh ideas can be learned from books told from a different perspective.

How to Write Authentic Fiction

Column by Autumn Christian
July 28, 2021 (11) comments
How to write authentic fiction that resonates with other people.

Freelance Copywriting Nearly Killed My Voice as A Writer

Column by Megan J. Kaleita
July 27, 2021 (1) comments
What you write matters. Getting paid is not enough.

Storyville: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Scene Breaks

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips on inserting scene breaks into your short stories.

Things Casual Readers Don't Care About

Column by Peter Derk
July 23, 2021 (1) comments
Do you have a hard time relating to your casual reader friends? Here's why.