The 12 Days of Writersmas

Column by Peter Derk
It's obligatory writer gift list time! But with a twist: These are things you can get for yourself.

The Unmistakable Voice of James Robert Baker (1947-1997)

Column by Gabriel Hart
"Kitsch and black humor taken into full circle back to seriousness." Remembering the outspoken gay noir/satirical novelist.

The Stories and Worlds of Philip K. Dick's Grave

Column by Peter Derk
December 1, 2021 (2) comments
The grave of Philip K. Dick in smalltown Colorado is the source of many stories and a portal to other worlds.

The Hunt for Horror: Using Short Fiction to Navigate A Genre

Column by Sadie Hartmann
Here's how to build your horror library and discover new favorite authors without spending all your money, wasting precious reading time, or taking up space on your shelves.

Storyville: What's the Best Money You've Spent on Your Writing Career?

Column by Richard Thomas
What is the best way to spend money on your writing career? Here are a few answers from actual writers.

Pass the Stuffing and the True Crime: 8 Titles to Get You Through the Holidays

Column by Leah Dearborn
It’s the holiday season again, so we're here to do the perennial good work of keeping readers from murdering their families by providing an ulterior outlet.

Revisiting a Work You’ve Already Published: Things to Keep in Mind

Column by Nick Kolakowski
Nick Kolakowski's revised trio of novellas, now titled "Love & Bullets", is out from Shotgun Honey this month. He has some advice...

Not Getting Into Pitch Wars Isn't the Universe's Message to Me

Column by Karis Rogerson
Karis Rogerson reflects on the devastation of not making it into Pitch Wars this year, and affirms that writing is her calling, whether or not she gets rejected.

Advice from a 19th Century Governess and How Writing About Writing Has Changed

Column by Leah Dearborn
Writers have always loved to give advice, even when it’s not solicited.

How to Come up with the Perfect Story Title

Column by Jay Wilburn
November 18, 2021 (1) comments
The title is the first thing any reader sees. The perfect title may or may not exist, but there are a few ways to tackle coming up with one.