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6 Romantic Books to Cozy Up With This Holiday

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We’re smack in the middle of winter holiday season — Thanksgiving food comas have come and gone, Hanukkah candles were lit, and Christmas and New Year’s are fast approaching.

In my opinion, and for the purposes of this article my opinion is the one that counts, there’s no better way to spend a winter holiday night than wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of steaming tea, a lit candle, and a good book. And while the weather outside is…disgustingly warm, actually, I know the books I turn to will have me feeling cozy in no time.

In celebration of the season, I thought I’d share some holiday books that come highly recommended, either by me or the internet in general. Some of these are YA and some are adult, but all have festive cheer in common.

"The Holiday Swap" by Maggie Knox

I haven’t read this one yet, but it sounds absolutely up my alley — twin sisters switching places over the holidays to suit their own needs. Throw in a little romance spice for each of them, and you’ve got a Parent Trap x The Holiday mashup I’m dying to read. Also — the cover is wintery goodness and so freaking adorable.

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"This Time Next Year" by Sophie Cousens

I read this book last holiday season, and though it technically takes place over a full year, it’s got really strong winter vibes, especially as it’s about two people who were born on Jan. 1. It starts out rollicking its way through New Year’s Eve parties and follows our two birthday twins on a love story I truly adored.

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"A Holly Jolly Diwali" by Sonya Lalli

Throwing it back to the October holidays for this one. I have this book on my list because I’ve heard great things and, frankly, it looks adorable. It starts on Diwali and, according to the synopsis, goes until Christmas, and it’s all about finding love and also maybe your real destiny. I could use a good travel-to-a-wedding-fall-in-love myself, so I’ll be checking this book out and reading by the light of my mini Christmas tree soon!

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"Merry Inkmas" by Talia Hibbert 

Listen, I’m obsessed with romance author Talia Hibbert, so when I found out she wrote a Christmas-set, tattoo-heavy romance? I had to buy my copy immediately. This book combines some of my favorite things: tattoos, broody men with soft hearts, Christmas, and love. It’s fast-paced, definitely steamy, and so delightful all-around.

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"10 Blind Dates" by Ashley Elston

I actually own this book but I’ve put off reading it because, well, it’s Christmas. Combine heartbreak and well-meaning family members sending you on blind dates, and what do you get? Awkwardness, confusion, and maybe love after all? Sign me up!

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"Recommended for You" by Laura Silverman 

This book combines my love of malls, bookstores, and Christmas into a super sweet romance between two Jewish teens, just in time for the holidays.

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There are so many other winter holiday books I could add to this list. Just a quick google search leads to a ton of results. For the sake of not writing too long a list, I’m going to cap it with these 6. I hope you find something you can enjoy, and have a happy holiday!

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Karis Rogerson is a mid-20s aspiring author who lives in Brooklyn and works at a cafe—so totally that person they warn you about when you declare your English major. In addition to embracing the cliched nature of her life, she spends her days reading, binge-watching cop shows (Olivia Benson is her favorite character) and fangirling about all things literary, New York and selfie-related. You can find her other writing on her website and maybe someday you’ll be able to buy her novels.

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