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14 YA Romances To Help You Celebrate Valentine's Day

It’s February, the Month of Love (for the first half, at least. After the 14th it becomes the Month of Cheap Convenience Store Chocolate, which, let’s be real — is a form of self-love all on its own).

To celebrate this month’s lovey-dovey vibes, I thought I’d share 14 YA romances that brought me joy. They’ll range from new releases to backlist titles, with a few upcoming love stories sprinkled throughout. I’ve read most of these books, but not all, so in some cases I may be relying on friends’ suggestions — but never fear, I’ll make it super clear where that’s the case!

Without further ado, let’s dive on in!

1. "For All Time" by Shanna Miles

This love story has it all! Black teens star-crossed throughout time (literally, they fall in love across centuries and in multiple lifetimes) who have to figure out what keeps going wrong in their story and why they haven’t managed to end up together, for good. I adored this romantic book when I read it last summer!

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2. "She Gets the Girl" by Rachael Lippincott & Alyson Derrick

Okay, yes, this book doesn’t come out until spring, but it’s so good I encourage you to preorder it! It’s a co-written narrative by a married couple and it follows two girls at the start of college. Alex and Molly plot to get Molly the attention of her high school crush, which will have the added benefit of Alex regaining her ex’s trust. Except…maybe they fall for each other instead? You’ll have to read to find out!

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3. "Somewhere Only We Know" by Maurene Goo

Maurene Goo is swiftly becoming a queen of YA romance. Her stories featuring Asian teenagers finding love are filled with sweetness and swoons. I haven’t read Somewhere Only We Know yet, but it is high up on my list because it’s about a K-Pop star and a tabloid reporter. That’s all I know, and frankly, it’s all I need!

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4. "Autoboyography" by Chrstina Lauren

The bestselling romance-writing duo Christina Lauren penned this novel about two boys falling in love in conservative Utah. I haven’t read it yet, but it was recommended by a trusted friend, and frankly — books about books, and books about queer love are all you need to tell me to get me to sign on up for this one!

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5. "Now That I Found You" by Kristina Forest

I adored this book about a Black up-and-coming Hollywood actress, granddaughter to a star, who winds up in NYC and on the hunt for her missing grandmother after a scandal rocks her world. Forest is amazing at making you feel like you’re running the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn yourself, and I absolutely fell head over heels for this love story.

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6. "Perfect on Paper" by Sophie Gonzales

Sophie Gonzales is one of my new favorite authors, and I simply cannot wait to read my copy of this book about a bisexual girl who gives anonymous dating advice and is hired by a school hottie (male) to get his ex back.

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7. "When the Stars Lead to You" by Ronni Davis

Another book that’s on my massive TBR, this one is about an 18-year-old who had her heart broken by a boy who…now wants her back? It promises lots of feels, and I also believe there is mental health representation, something that is super important to me.

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8. "Counting Down with You" by Tashie Bhuiyan

I cannot scream enough about how good this book is, y’all! Bhuiyan is an author to watch and this debut is filled with greatness. I adored this novel and the way it treats romance, the way it treats anxiety, the way it treats family. There’s nothing I don’t love about it!

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9. "Let’s Talk About Love" by Claire Kann

A story about a Black biromantic asexual teen whose girlfriend breaks up with her and who eventually falls for a new library coworker. I read this book four years ago and still think of it fondly.

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10. "Blackout" by Dhonielle Clayton, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nic Stone, Angie Thomas, Ashley Woodfolk, & Nicola Yoon

This is a series of six interconnected stories written by six bestselling and award-winning Black YA authors. The stories in this book swept me away and I was amazed by how well the interconnected narratives worked. Romantic, short, sweet, and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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11. "You Should See Me in a Crown" by Leah Johnson

Furious to report I haven’t read this yet because it is, simply, a great premise. A girl goes out for prom queen to win the scholarship money tied to it and in the process falls in love with her competition. That cover? It’s all so good!

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12. "There’s Something About Sweetie" by Sandhya Menon

The second book in the Dimpleverse, this book is my everything. A fat Indian-American track star fake dates an Indian-American basketball star at their parents’ behest and they…fall for each other? I cried reading this book and I’ll cry talking about it. Suffice it to say it’s magic on the page.

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13. "Today Tonight Tomorrow" by Rachel Lynn Solomon

I loved this book so much, it has such a special place in my heart. Solomon deftly weaves a love story between two academic rivals, and had me falling for their romance in this one-day-long Seattle-set masterpiece.

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14. "Once Upon a K-Prom" by Kat Cho

Ending this list with another book that you can pre-order! Cho is the author of the Gumiho duology, a paranormal romance series, and I cannot wait to dive into her contemporary world and see how she talks about K-pop stardom in this book!

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And that’s it! Fourteen YA romances you can read and fall in love with this Valentine’s Day — or this year, because why relegate the love to just one day?

About the author

Karis Rogerson is a mid-20s aspiring author who lives in Brooklyn and works at a cafe—so totally that person they warn you about when you declare your English major. In addition to embracing the cliched nature of her life, she spends her days reading, binge-watching cop shows (Olivia Benson is her favorite character) and fangirling about all things literary, New York and selfie-related. You can find her other writing on her website and maybe someday you’ll be able to buy her novels.

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