Miriam Calleja
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A lesbian seeks comfort in going home with strangers, but a particular girl starts to jog memories of a happier past.
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I've been working on a new blurb and two author biogs to go with my first self published novel, Shadow's Talent. If you want quick review points, I need some thoughts, and edits if you're willing.
J.A. Davies
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There are only three types of women...
Bruce Mark Johnson
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This is the start of what may become a short story.
In: Speed Writing 3 reviews
The next President of the USA is doing a tour of U.S military bases to boost his approval rating as re-election time rolls around.
Maddie Devlin
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Short, raw, journal style response to a suicide in the community.
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Thank you!
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This is the first thing I've ever written. I would love to hear some feedback.
Dave Reuss
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Get ready for some southern-fried sexual dysfunction. ~2k words.
Dave Reuss
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A beautiful young woman and a handsome young man agree to go on a date. 1100 words.
Flaminia Ferina
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I went abroad to test my limits. Now I got it. This is me and my reaction to an overdose of bureaucracy. 1180 words.