Michael Combs
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A dark, yet playful comedy about an evangelical pastor who struggles with his faith and sexuality.
In: Novel Excerpt 6 reviews
Men are pack animals by nature; so when vast packs of wolf-like creatures invade the southeastern US, might some men actually join these packs? More importantly: who controls these invaders?
Typewriter Demigod
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A girl goes to school dressed as a boy. Better than it sounds. About 4,000 words.
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
"O Jesus" is the first chapter of a 42 chaptered novel. It sets the stage for the type of protagonist you're dealing with. It gives a hint of what his ambitions for his sons might be
Tripp C
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
The first 2 chapters of my book, Wild Oats. It's a somewhat fictional perspective on Generation-X. It's just under 5,000 words and I simply need to know if it draws the reader in. Criticism is loved
In: Novel Excerpt 5 reviews
The first redrafted half one-act stage play, featuring a couple that have found themselves stuck in a strange place with no way of getting out and no memories to go on.
In: Novel Excerpt 6 reviews
Gryt has an odd skin disease and other not too healthy things happen to him on a daily basis. The only healthy person/soul in his life disappears and he goes out looking for her.
In: Novel Excerpt 6 reviews
Elliot, an 18 year old virgin struggles with the sexually active world around him. Does not feel comfortable enough with his new girlfriend, nor does he want his first time to be meaningless.
N.L. Vaught
In: Novel Excerpt 4 reviews
Chapter four of my dystopian novel-in-progress. Alex stumbles upon an antique house. He feels the owners may be able to help him find the runaway he admires.
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Fertility problems abound between the narrator and his wife, Darcy. To conceive, Darcy goes to extended lengths to have a baby.
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Roland is bent on offing himself, angsting it up in his apartment before he works up the nerve. A kid named Donovan is bored in the suburbs and decides to go for a late night walk.