Matt Attack
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This entry has been removed. Got everything I need. Thanks for looking though.
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Stan catches sight of Holly in church and is stricken with what may be love. Though It could be Holly caught sight of Stan first. There are glimpses of their early meetings and where they might lead.
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Horror/Western The prologue and first chapter of a potential novel. A modern-day western of sorts, in what is now a tourist town. It could be described as an origin story for a small-town sheriff.
Max Redford
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In a post-apocalyptic United States, a mutant biker escapes from the sovereign Nation of California, but the Nation's government wants him back dead or alive. A violent inmate is sent to capture him.
Matthew James
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The first 2 chapters of my first book. It tells of a girl who is befriended by a stuffed rabbit after her mother dies suddenly. And the journey the two take to rescue her mother from her own hell.
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This is An Excerpt of a Story in an Assylum, A lawyer is about to know an intern that is Kind of Peculiar
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This is the beginning chapters of Always, a 70,000 word novel I've been working on for about a year. Not sure on the genre but I'm calling it a romantic suspense.
Brendan Connal
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Tempo doesn't have a name, he temps for one or two days and he is gone again, a different job every day. Today he hitchhikes, receives a gift, eats something he shouldn't, loses a key, and feels blue.
Tyler Durden
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This is the prologue to a longer story that I'm going to write about the slow downward spiral of a once happy family. It's just over a thousand words.
Biscuit Welsh
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First chapter of Honcho, my 80K Hardboiled YA Suspense novel. Kieran Quinn, a sixteen year old wannabe tough guy goes out to the park and gets the news his best friend has been killed
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An soldier suffering from PTSD returns to his home on Mars.
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Taking place between 1937-1940, Buck Fontaine, a handicapped private detective, is on the hunt for the elusive Silhouette Killer. 5200 words
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The beginning of a novel about a warring Australia. It has been taken over by nationalistic gangs forcing Australia to live in a wasteland. An underground resistance movement aims to destroy them.
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Chapter one of my novella. 1999, ravers, coming-of-age. Sex, drugs, and techno.
Tripp C
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This is a somewhat revised version of a story I posted on the old site. Got some good advice from my fellow cultists. For those just tuning in, read the author statement before going any further.
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Chapter from my novella in progress titled Snow Birds. I renamed this chapter for anthology purposes.
Michael Cavanaugh
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The second chapter of a memoir I am very slowly writing about my school year in Russia. This covers my exodus to Ulyanovsk, where I spent most of the time. ~5400 Words
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After being struck by lightning, Larry suddenly has almost uncontrollably destructive powers. He finds others like himself, and together they create a wormhole and travel to unknown places.
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First 4 chapters of my novel Angels & Guns. 3,817 Words
J.T. Barnett
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Three high school grads travel to South America for the summer in search of freedom. Through drugs and alcohol they may find the edge in their perceptions of the world.
simon morris
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The prelude introduced the plot line through a character, chapter 1 introduces the protagonist, his fiance and some back story I felt the reader should know
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A young man obsessed with an author stalks him and tries to reenact scenes from his own book with him.
Dave Hanson
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Time to kill some children. 1,200 words.
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After taking all of your incredible feedback into consideration, here is the rewrite of Starling: Open Wounds that I posted a few days ago.
Typewriter Demigod
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The relationships and romances of four girls in a high school in Devon