Brainstormer Prompt Generator


The original Brainstormer was created by concept artist Andrew Bosley while he was in art school at SJSU, studying visual development and illustration. As Andrew describes it, ”I was...

Query Tracker

Finding an Agent

A searchable database helping writers find agents and publishers. A tool to keep your query letters organized. A place for serious writers to exchange information on agents and publishers....

Query Letter Formatting


Literary agent, Janet Reid, accepts unsolicited Query Letters through Query Shark for review and criticism.

Writing Good Critiques


Jed Hartman, editor of the professional online magazine Strange Horizons, offers his...

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing


Dean Wesley Smith's online essays, which comprise a book he calls Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing...

Jim Butcher's LiveJournal


Jim Butcher's LiveJournal has some of the most useful, concise essays on the craft of fiction writing available anywhere, let...

Agent Hunting

Finding an Agent

Begin your search for agents at the Association of Authors' Representatives, the most reputable "watch dog" organization in the literary...

Legal Advice on Publishing Contracts


The Write Lawyer is a must-read blog resource for any writer navigating a publishing contract with or without an agent, created by attorney Jeffrey V...

Literary Journals Accepting Submissions

Poets & Writers has a substantial listing of literary journals accepting submissions. Read the specs thoroughly, polish up your best pieces...

Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

Finding an Agent

Poets & Writers has a great listing of top-notch literary agents accepting submissions. Read the specs thoroughly, polish up your query...

Manuscript Formatting


The industry standard way to format a manuscript. 

Researching an Agent's Track Record by Victoria Strauss

Finding an Agent

"Research is the name of the game, whether you’re searching for a contractor to put a new roof on your house, or a literary agent to represent your book manuscript. How do you...


Duotrope is the greatest repository for fiction and poetry markets for writers. Consider this the evolved version of the...