Joining LitReactor's writing community is an unparalleled opportunity to improve your craft by submitting original work for peer review and critique.  We firmly believe that our writers workshop wipes the floor with the competition.  But seeing is believing.  So take this guided tour with us and see what becoming a member of our Writers Workshop looks like.

My Desk

Upon joining our workshop you are given your very own Desk where you can monitor all of your workshop activity, track your reviews and submissions, as well as those of your Friends.


Submit Your Work

But who wants to dilly dally!? You're here to work, dammit!  LitReactor makes that possible for you, the moment you join, by rewarding you with 15 points.  The way you earn points is through writing reviews and giving feedback to your peer's stories.  Read more about how our Points System works

Submitting stories is easy to do and we give you a wide range of genres to choose from.  You are asked to give a short synopsis for the piece, as well as type up an 'Author's Agenda' which gives your reader a little more insight into who you are and what your goal with this story is.


Read, Rate & Review Others

If you want to continue to earn points so you can upload more of your work, you have to give back a little to the community.  This idea of give-and-take is something we firmly believe in at LitReactor.  Writing a good review for one of your peers can be just as helpful as writing your own story.  Critiquing other stories helps you evolve as a writer and improves the quality of your own work.  It also helps create a balanced community where every story submission is given equal attention.


Unlock Achievements

Who doesn't like Achievements?  Every time you reach a specific landmark goal you 'unlock' a new Achievement.  Achievements are showcased on your personal writing profile.  Additionally we have an Achievements Board where you can see the highest ranked members.  (and plot your newest achievement:  to take them all down and become the new leader!)


If you're still not convinced that LitReactor is the community for you

Start by creating a basic account to see if we're a good fit for you. Registering a basic account is fast, free and easy and it grants you posting privileges at our Discussion Boards, among other things. There you'll find friends, answers, and maybe even some inspiration. Or find out even more by taking our tour.


If you like everything you've seen here and are ready to dive into those blank pages... Join Our Writers Workshop