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In : Horror, Short Story 5 reviews
A young woman on an isolated farm learns that her family can't run from the terrible things affecting the world at large.
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
Second story about growing up in Lawrence, Mass. where the art of the suckerpunch was commonplace.
In : Psychological, Short Story 11 reviews
An artist who is addicted to his own madness has an art show.
Typewriter Demigod
In : Noir, Short Story 8 reviews
A dark love story between an English major, and his nephew.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 7 reviews
In this scifi short an elderly man purchases a new computer named Crimson, who turns out to be more than meets the eye. (1,800 words)
In : Poem, Surprise Me 7 reviews
It's all about junk
Jami Kali
In : Short Story, Transgressive 6 reviews
A young girl struggles to overpower her bout with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). A man missing a golf-ball sized chunk of his brain just might have the answers she's been looking for.
In : Literary, Short Story 2 reviews
A young boy is told that he grandfather visits people in their dreams before they die, and thinks back on old dreams and memories, merging the two together.
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 4 reviews
The beginning of a novel about a warring Australia. It has been taken over by nationalistic gangs forcing Australia to live in a wasteland. An underground resistance movement aims to destroy them.
In : Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
A young man goes home for the holiday. Best laid plans fall apart.
Typewriter Demigod
In : Noir, Short Story 10 reviews
A dark romance between a student and his nephew
In : Flash Fiction, Realism 8 reviews
A car ride, a patient, and a dr.'s appointment. 1500 words
Jake Huber
In : Short Story, Suspense 8 reviews
An alcoholic is watching an episode of Jeopardy while his girlfriend attempts to tell him some important news. And then she finds a gun. (1,600 words)
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 9 reviews
In a world where island settlements are separated by vast stretches of toxic oceans, connected only by a single, one-way highway snaking above the water, two truck drivers get to know each other.
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
A doctor fresh out of his residency, at his first hospital job, finds things aren't going quite as he had hoped for. 2K Words.
In : Noir, Short Story 6 reviews
An erotic tale of unrequited love in a long term relationship...
In : Psychological, Short Story 5 reviews
A strange phone message is discussed by two friends as protesters nearby Occupy Sydney.
Sarah Davenport
In : Short Story, Transgressive 7 reviews
A young girl is sent to live with her mentally ill Grandmother who, in an effort to cope with her own childhood trauma, abuses the girl with her untreated obsessive-compulsive behavior.
In : Noir, Short Story 6 reviews
Word Count: Around 1,704 words. A neo-noir short story about a criminal's endless spree.
Youri Licht
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 5 reviews
A man is punched in the face. This is his experience.
In : Short Story, Suspense 4 reviews
This story has been rewritten. No need for further critiques. A woman scorned tries to get her husband to remember the promises he made in their youth.
In : Flash Fiction, Surprise Me 5 reviews
A young woman's rant about her mothers downfall as a parent.
In : Literary, Novella 3 reviews
Crossroads follows the intersecting lives of 11 major characters. They have all reached some sort of crisis, or crossroads, in their lives and are struggling to get through them. (21,773 words)
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 3 reviews
A man is accused of a crime he did not commit and must endure the test of time in imprisonment.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 4 reviews
David walks into his office building's hall intending to deliver an eviction notice. Instead, he gets a front row seat to the end of the world. (3000 Words)