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T. N. Woodin
In : Journal Entry, Narrative non-fiction 8 reviews
Epistolary piece, narrating the necessary life lessons learned from heartbreak.
In : Literary, Poem 10 reviews
I wish to be buried in the Grand Canyon when I die, because I would be surrounded by the beautiful scenery and endless visitors
T. N. Woodin
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 14 reviews
A young girl wakes up after a freak zoo accident to a brand new life
In : Literary, Poem 8 reviews
A great painter can't replicate the beauty and tranquility of Grand Tetons by his painting. The painter's fame contrasts with his inability to paint the scene. He admits defeat and admires nature.
In : Bizarro, Flash Fiction 20 reviews
An unnamed narrator hears voices
Mustang Patty
In : Flash Fiction, Realism 11 reviews
So, the mandatory shelter-in-place and self-isolation are getting to me. However, I can't help but wonder what will happen when everyone leaves their homes. This is my nightmare.
SL Scrivens
In : Short Story, Transgressive 6 reviews
This story was inspired by my overactive imagination during a dull first date.
In : Absurdist, Short Story 6 reviews
It's almost funny how Morgan came to be on death row. At least, it is the way his ex cellmate tells it. The jury found him guilty - almost unanimously. Will you?
In : Horror, Short Story 12 reviews
A little girl discovers her dark gifts are not as unique as she first suspected.
In : Noir, Short Story 10 reviews
A down and out addict gets more then she bargained for after agreeing to go on a road trip with her long lost twin sister.
In : Flash Fiction, Horror 8 reviews
What lurks beneath the old farmhouse?
Serial Bear
In : Horror, Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
An accident in the forest leads to an unconscionable act by an already emotionally tormented vampire.
S Brophy
In : Literary, Short Story 12 reviews
Set in Ireland, a young man with a dissociative mental health disorder gets desperate in his efforts to keep his family together.
In : Flash Fiction, Horror 10 reviews
A very clever babysitter invents an urban legend to take control of a difficult babysitting situation.
In : Literary, Short Story 12 reviews
Two young men face off in a doorway.
Joshua Chaplinsky
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 10 reviews
The discovery of a massive interstellar object shocks the world and upends the life of a SETI data analyst. What is it? Who sent it? And what is its purpose?
In : Flash Fiction, Horror 13 reviews
A comet, an earthquake, a broken mirror. Something wicked this way comes.
In : Horror, Short Story 4 reviews
Solitude can play tricks on the mind, but is our narrator just feeling a case of the crazies from being cooped up or are the wheels about to fall off the wagon of sanity?
Dani Ringrose
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
An Australian Gothic story of a woman who attempts to leave her monster of a husband in the middle of the night, and is subsumed by his power and eventually goes back to him.
In : Realism, Short Story 7 reviews
A security guard working the grave yard shift at a mental hospital must come to terms with the end of his marriage after finding a wounded squirrel on the side of the road.
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 6 reviews
It's a story about gratitude for being helped when help was needed. It switches narrators and moves through time (it is NOT a time travel story).
In : Fantasy, Short Story 7 reviews
On the road back home, Not-yet-Saint George and Princess Sabra discuss the lie they'll tell the village after killing a legendary dragon.


In : Literary, Short Story 17 reviews
Ava is happily married and excited to start a family. That is until starts to realise that she might be more in love with the idea of marriage, than with her husband.
In : Horror, Short Story 7 reviews
An audition of a lifetime turns into a Lovecraftian nightmare for a young actor.
In : Absurdist, Poem 5 reviews
Absurdist poem based on a weird dream I had. I just want to know what people think.