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Jonas David
In : Psychological, Short Story 3 reviews
a fractured relationship. a couple unable to communicate. mirrors.
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 5 reviews
A young father makes a startling discovery about his infant son.
In : Absurdist, Essay 11 reviews
A Short Essay about the those would play musical instruments and how obnoxious it can sound to others.
In : Fantasy, Short Story 2 reviews
A mage for hire travels to a remote northern village in order to address an infestation of shape-shifting kobolds, but she discovers that they are part of a larger, evil plot laid by a blood mage.
In : Essay, Realism 3 reviews
This is my attempt at the assignment from the Using “On-The-Body” Physical Sensation essay by Chuck.
Mike Walker
In : Noir, Short Story 7 reviews
I'm trying to see if this is even engaging. I guess I'm feeling a little writer's block. This is my first submission, and I'm not certain if unfinished ideas are welcome, but here we are.
In the aftermath of an apocalyptic event, a man roams the country with a band of survivors. What little sense of community and he had developed is undercut when the group encounters a celebrity.
Vince Bonn
In : Adventure, Short Story 2 reviews
A short story I've been working on for a few months, or the skeleton of the story at least. A tale about the misadventures of an older brother trying to protect his sister during a visit to Colorado.
In : Short Story, Transgressive 2 reviews
A patient visits an unconventional therapist to help him find out what´s behind the disappearance of his girlfriend and the voice he hears almost every night.
In : Short Story, Transgressive 4 reviews
A disassociated man going through a break up while living in a car buys a hot dog and makes a fool out of himself in front of his ex.
Joe P
In : Horror, Short Story 3 reviews
A construction worker and his pals like to hide strange items inside of homes they build. But when he starts finding things inside his own home, the joke stops being funny.
A kid has an encounter with a tricky small demon nobody seems to notice so he decides to investigate.