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Austin James Hatch
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 8 reviews
A few of the many challenges in raising young children.
In : Flash Fiction, Psychological 24 reviews
When Ruth suggests a retirement home, Jack seeks a way out.
In : Horror, Short Story 6 reviews
A horror-love story.
In : Flash Fiction, Surprise Me 14 reviews
It's the story about how abuse spreads from the roots through the stem, and eventually flowers in a young family, and takes place right before y2k.
Austin James Hatch
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 9 reviews
Revised and resubmitted.
In : Realism, Short Story 18 reviews
A boy under the cancerous spell of his abusive father. A town under the deprived grip of misogyny and violence. Both stunted and silenced with fear.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 6 reviews
The Preeminent is a noir-like story that takes place well into a dystopian future where five families control everything and someone is out to eliminate one of them.
In : Essay, Mystery 19 reviews
a glimpse of artistic impotence: Risk and power, and the balls to talk back.
In : Mystery, Short Story 9 reviews
A successful businessman journeys to a hostel in an Indonesian jungle to repay his debt for twenty years of good fortune.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 16 reviews
This is a story of a bet gone bad.
Oliver Oliver
In : Absurdist, Short Story 19 reviews
A husband's dirty secret is hurting his marriage and professional life.
In : Journal Entry, Narrative non-fiction 4 reviews
To Kill a Mockingbird Movie Review
Ralph Stefan
In : Flash Fiction, Political 9 reviews
In a world gone insane, a man gets a message.
Oliver Oliver
In : Absurdist, Novel Excerpt 15 reviews
One man's trash is another man's treasure. And one little girl's dream is anyone else's nightmare. *Edit* Just to be clear, this is an excerpt from a larger piece so don't expect resolution here.
In : Essay, Narrative non-fiction 16 reviews
I read about Persia (as it was then) for the first time when I was a child. Never dreaming that I would one day know this country and its people quite well. This is an account of a single day.
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 6 reviews
A man reads a social media post from an old crush. As flash fiction, it isn't meant to get much longer.
In : Flash Fiction, Romance 9 reviews
A young woman realizes that the magic of requited love does not last forever.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 3 reviews
At 7:50am every weekday morning the mute Calvin leaves the homeless mission and walks to the abandoned Tomorrow Technologies building. Today Helen finds out what's drawing him him there.
Joe P
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 4 reviews
An astronaut snaps and inadvertently kicks off a series of brutal murders, but no one really dies.
Ralph Stefan
In : Flash Fiction, Political 8 reviews
Astrophysicists and Google give the protagonist more than he can bargain for.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 6 reviews
Julia thought her teacher would be *happy* she's invented a time machine.
Kat Gardiner
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 10 reviews
A snapshot from a young woman's life in the year after she moved to a small town to open an all ages venue and coffee shop with her husband. Set in the Pacific Northwest in 2007
Glenn Mitchell
In : Horror, Short Story 7 reviews
A researcher collaborates with a prison warden to experiment on inmates. The warden fears being exposed by the leaking of information, but it's a different type of leak they should be worried about.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 19 reviews
What if one of the irreplaceble engineers in a matrian colony commits an unforgettable crime?
In : Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
Greg, a middle-aged professor, following the loss of his daughter and the failure of his marriage, relocates to a rented room in the countryside.