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Dorothy Rice
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 18 reviews
Flash fiction, just under 1000 words. Old home movies bring back difficult memories for a mother, reveal the past in a new way for the daughter.
In : Horror, Short Story 4 reviews
A man sees a face staring at him from a window across the street. He visits insanity trying to figure out what it is.
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 12 reviews
WWII British agent Julianne Burton, a principal ballerina with the Paris Royal Opera, is wanted for questioning by the Paris Gestapo and must flee Paris.
Joe P
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 5 reviews
The last survivor onboard a space station spends her time listening to rock n roll, until a marooned soldier breaches the hull.
mark william mills
In : Novella, Sci-fi 6 reviews
A nobody stuck in a nowhere job finds an unlikely way to alter the present by calling into the past. Fame, money, and power find him. But is he willing to pay the price?
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 8 reviews
Captain Connor Galloway, Leader of the Taghazi Special Forces, meets with Commander Guy Prendergast, commander of the LRDG, to brief him on the deaths of four of his Rajput troops and . . .See part 2.
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 5 reviews
A young boy is caught in the middle of his parents marriage that is falling apart. Desperate to find a solution and keep his family together, he turns to the power of gemstones.
In : Psychological, Short Story 11 reviews
I wanted to explore how a catastrophic event would affect a dysfunctional family. I got the idea from a podcast series that I was listening to, trying to stay awake on the 20+ hour drive to Florida.
mark william mills
In : Essay, Literary 7 reviews
A brief essay on despair and the need to keep going in spite of it.
Ric V.
In : Literary, Short Story 16 reviews
Two friends meet for their weekly drink at a nearby lounge. In the midst of their evening, the state of their friendship is brought into question.
mark william mills
In : Literary, Short Story 12 reviews
An excitable man waiting in a checkout line gets slapped out of his thoughts and into reality by Marilyn Monroe.
In : Poem, Transgressive 7 reviews
A short poem about having oneself a package full of porn.
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 13 reviews
Captain Connor Galloway is seconded to Army Intelligence and ordered to investigate rumors of German covert activities in the Taghaz.
In : Literary, Short Story 15 reviews
MUNDO and BLISS have been estranged for years. Bliss returns to bury Mundo's father. Pablo is Mundo's uncle, brother to the deceased. Pablo is featured in previously submitted short/short called FOG.
In : Essay, Narrative non-fiction 15 reviews
Cut Deep and Travel Far is essay. It attempts to blend familiar forms--creative nonfiction, collage, poetry, and contemplative essay--into what is being called "hybrid" essay, a new form.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 6 reviews
Exploring a ruined house while seeking shelter, a boy's faith in hope is put to the test.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 6 reviews
Days after Earth declared its independence from the Orbital, Captain Everard Hoff faces the impossible task of maintaining order amongst protests in front of the Orbital Congress.
Joe P
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 7 reviews
An alien was living inside a girl. Now she lives inside the body of a local sheriff and is hunting for another one of her kind.
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 7 reviews
A family is coming apart. Mitch, a military analyst, is disturbed by his beautiful wife Winnie's attitude toward him and their teenaged daughter. But Mitch as problems too.
In : Horror, Short Story 9 reviews
A man breaks a tooth and needs an immediate dental appointment. Little does he know that this is an appointment that he will never forget.
In : Novel Excerpt, Psychological 15 reviews
Kind of a love story, kind of an edgy 'coming of age' story. Not that much will be evident, as this is just the beginning.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 17 reviews
Years after the war, a genetically modified soldier struggles to fit in the society.
Dorothy Rice
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 11 reviews
Three flash fiction pieces. Ideally can be read as separate or linked.
In : Novel Excerpt, Realism 6 reviews
Rather than a self contained piece, this is really a character-based prologue as a lead in to a longer story. The details of the story largely aren't pertinent to this, which is a character drama.
In : Short Story, Slipstream 5 reviews
Death makes a routine stop and trouble ensues.