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In : Literary, Short Story 16 reviews
A troubled man - A neighbouring stranger – A cathartic ritual of redemption.
In : Novel Excerpt, Psychological 6 reviews
ADHD has X-Ray vision. It is the source of all of his problems. Stuck on his journey to become the next Great American Writer, ADHD decides to go undercover in the car biz. Chap 1.
In : Realism, Short Story 13 reviews
A desperate man decides to buy a rental property to help resolve a financial need. The tenants he interviews may have a few secrets of their own.
mark william mills
In : Essay, Magical Realism 13 reviews
Because I wanted to write about love.
mark william mills
In : Biographical, Essay 15 reviews
A son who puts his dad on a pedestal deals with abandonment and suicide. Years later, someone lost comes up who can make it all right. Only but that takes a two-person lift.
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 24 reviews
What's right under your nose, you either see it or you don't.
Joe P
In : Horror, Short Story 7 reviews
A Sheriff has to recapture an escaped teenage girl who claims to be an alien from Outer Space.
mark william mills
In : Essay, Literary 16 reviews
As an unexpected loss sinks in, our workaholic protagonist learns that cynicism can't protect against pain.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 12 reviews
The last image I transmit is this: a plane falling from the sky.
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
A business man avoids reality for a few hours.
In : Fantasy, Flash Fiction 21 reviews
Things change.
Valerie Stivers
In : Fantastic, Short Story 3 reviews
The resort for concubines was on an island, and was divided into Blue Side and Yellow Side. Melanie was going up the steps to Blue when she ran into Nestia coming down...
In : Biographical, Essay 11 reviews
This is not a horror story. It's actually a sweet story. Inspired by recent essay submissions, and by Brooke's mention in Rolling Stone, I decided to revisit and finish an essay started years ago.
In : Literary, Short Story 9 reviews
A couple is driving to his family for Christmas Eve when they realize they forgot something.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 7 reviews
A young man dueling the responsibilities of his biker gang and his love affair gets tangled up in a drug-induced web. How can he stay on top of it all?
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 10 reviews
A lightning strike changes lives.
mark william mills
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 4 reviews
He's an old man. But he's not a bold man. Then someone new comes into town.
In : Realism, Short Story 9 reviews
A landlord attempts to rent out a house. He interviews several "different" applicants. How will he ever decide who is the ideal tenant?
In : Flash Fiction, Noir 16 reviews
A dysfunctional marriage comes to a dystopian ending
In : Bizarro, Short Story 6 reviews
Domo wants to escape the money game. As an investor, he knows he must take risks. But this risk is quantum. He buys ten-thousand black hole vacuums in an attempt to sell them to America.
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 26 reviews
Prologue: Through a chilling coincidence, young, WWII British agent Julianne Burton, ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet, is drawn into the war more deeply than she had expected.
In : Literary, Novel Excerpt 16 reviews
Mitch is an Army intelligence officer who is in love with his wife - and his job. Winnie is fed up with Mitch's broken promises. Their 14-year old daughter, Maddie, is heading for trouble.
In : Literary, Short Story 16 reviews
Life can be suffocating.
In : Realism, Short Story 5 reviews
A slice of life short story about a shared moment on the roads.
In : Mystery, Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
It's the hottest summer on record and fifteen-year-old Cassie learns hard lessons about life, love and friendship.