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In : Flash Fiction, Literary 13 reviews
(Thanks everyone for your great feedback. I'm currently rewriting this story.) A young couple on a night drive.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 10 reviews
Fiction piece for my writing class. The main character is nervous/excited about crashing a wedding on the opposite side of the country.
In : Fantasy, Novel Excerpt 7 reviews
The first 2 chapters of a novel I've been working on. 2.7k words
In : Literary, Novel Excerpt 13 reviews
Edward's life is boring, useless and weird. Here's some of it.
Stacy Kear
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 19 reviews
Artist falls for his anti-muse, first 2,700 words
In : Psychological, Short Story 8 reviews
What would a cheatin wife drive you to do?
In : Literary, Short Story 8 reviews
A small-town preacher faced with the loss of his livelihood and his standing in the community when he begins to question his faith.
Marius Hjelseth
In : Bizarro, Short Story 10 reviews
Two people, united by by a shared irrational obsession, come together to talk about a man curiously named Shields McKloskey. (aprox 4200 words)
In : Literary, Novella 19 reviews
The beginning of a novella about a film school dropout trying to write a zombie movie and his inability to love a sweet girl.
In : Realism, Short Story 7 reviews
A short tale of semirequited love.
Stacy Kear
In : Poem, Surprise Me 15 reviews
Its Poetry so who knows
In : Horror, Short Story 5 reviews
Jennifer loved the ceramic man with the bicycle the moment she saw him in the antique store. He looked adventurous to her. Once Mom brought him home, however, he showed a darker side. A hungry side.
In : Flash Fiction, Mystery 11 reviews
Epistolary short story with hints of deception and the occult. (got enough reviews for now)
In : Novel Excerpt, Sci-fi 4 reviews
Chapter one of the novel Heroic
Devon Robbins
In : Novel Excerpt, Psychological 7 reviews
Rough first chapter of a psychological/horror novel I'm working on. Sarah is a woman that has been haunted since she was a kid. Her paranoia is getting worse. She can't define the lines of reality.
In : Horror, Short Story 11 reviews
Hamilton Brevel and the mysterious woman are different in every way. But the longing they share and Hamilton's growing obsession with the woman set their lives up to intersect, changing one forever.
Franz III
In : Psychological, Short Story 5 reviews
Jakob is socially awkward and an occasional insomniac. When he meets a rambling homeless man named Victor, social ineptitude and perceptions of the 'right' are muddied and left out to dry.
In : Fantasy, Novel Excerpt 15 reviews
First chapter of a fantasy story. (got enough)
Strange Photon
In : Literary, Poem 9 reviews
After reading and reviewing some poems by writers here, I wanted to toss my tattered hat in the ring for a good beating.
Old Jeezy
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 3 reviews
Band of Brothers meets a cynical Martian Chronicles. Goal: novel of loosely attached sci-fi short stories documenting military invading a planet. Not so subtle commentary on current war Here are 2
Michael J. Riser
In : Horror, Short Story 20 reviews
No more reviews needed. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback!
In : Novel Excerpt, Transgressive 3 reviews
A woman looses her unborn child in a motor accident. Receiving no support from her absentee husband or her family, she deals with her overwhelming guilt and depression by employing sex as a punishment
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
Opening scene to a screenplay I'm working on about a man's odd weekend in the city (2K words).
Wayne Rutherford
In : Novel Excerpt, Realism 7 reviews
Rikki is a rock star at the tail end of a long and tumultuous career. Never one to back away from controversy, Rikki is ready to go out with a bang.
Bill Tucker
In : Bizarro, Short Story 6 reviews
A child of twelve has an unusual friendship his mother is desperate to sever. (1795 words)