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In : Adventure, Short Story 6 reviews
Episode 2: The Odd Visitors. Continuation of Wester's story.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 15 reviews
In a strange dystopic future, a product called Dark Glass vows to change the lives of people everywhere but its purpose is as strange as it's existence.
Bobby Detrick
In : Horror, Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
Seth awakes in the early morning of the hotel. With a hardcore hangover, he forces himself to find his buddy Rob to leave. But Rob isn't the only thing he find, San Diego is overrun with Zombies
In : Short Story, Transgressive 6 reviews
No more reviews are needed on this submission.
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
People thought that John and Susan were destined to be together. The tragedy of their lives began with the introduction of Little Anna. 1,628 Words.
Sean May
In : Flash Fiction, Noir 8 reviews
A lawyer consults with his client, an accused serial killer, about a very different method to absolve him of his crimes
In : Horror, Short Story 10 reviews
A goofy horror story.
Typewriter Demigod
In : Novel Excerpt, Surprise Me 4 reviews
Girls in love in highschool in Devon.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 3 reviews
She is tired. Mama is worried. The dog needs to be fed.
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
A young boy attempts to evade an abusive home life and finds solace with a group of older teens.
In : Literary, Novel Excerpt 7 reviews
Faith, trust, and some experimental pixie dust (2,150 words).
Howard Litchfield
In : Fantastic, Short Story 8 reviews
A traveller finds themselves unexpectedly at a strange museum. The Curator gives them a guided tour.(3,200 words, 19 pages)
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 5 reviews
A sport for the post-apocalypse. 2300 words.
Craig Schroeder
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
A young boy goes to a birthday dinner with his widowed mother and her new boyfriend, armed with a naive plan involving an obscene birthday gift.
In : Fantasy, Novel Excerpt 4 reviews
Overlong prologue for a potential Fantasy/Adventure novel
Dorian Grey
In : Flash Fiction, Surprise Me 9 reviews
One of life's biggest questions, as discussed by a group of sixth-graders. Less than 1200 words.
Matthew Huffer
In : Flash Fiction, Sci-fi 9 reviews
I wrote this when I saw a post on my facebook about a 250 word flash fiction contest. I forgot the piece was to be based on a particular topic and wrote this instead.
In : Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
17 non-linear funny, little conversations loosely connected through the voice of a male narrator who is constantly enthralled by the power of pretty girls. 7,200 words (the last 5 snipits).
Devon Robbins
In : Flash Fiction, Noir 25 reviews
(Appox. 1000 words)A man finds himself bound to a chair, faced with what seems to be gratuitous violence. But he has been here before. He should know why this is happening.
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 7 reviews
Prompt: It arrived on the current. In a town that has become detached from reality, a strange ship comes down the river bearing an evil cargo. (2500 words)
In : Noir, Novella 7 reviews
A hardboiled novella set in 1940s L.A., following a bent PI, working as a bagman for Mickey Cohen. He's approached by a German immigrant on the run who needs his help to hide from the Feds.
Typewriter Demigod
In : Novel Excerpt, Surprise Me 5 reviews
Love, honour and violence in high school. 6.5k words.
Bill Tucker
In : Realism, Short Story 2 reviews
A young man, a real-estate mogul, and an alcoholic father. 2,495 words.
Matt Attack
In : Literary, Novel Excerpt 12 reviews
This submission has been removed. Still in progress, but have everything I need. Thanks again for looking!
Amcii Cullum
In : Noir, Poem 10 reviews
Someone has love and lost and now has to go on in what seems like a dream.