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In : Horror, Short Story 5 reviews
Violet is a pretty depraved little tale. It will hopefully have you looking under the bed before you go to sleep tonight.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 10 reviews
An odor of rotted meat throws a flight of passengers into chaos. About 1,130 Words.
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
Bracchos and I wrote this in a duo-competitioin with the prompt of a rainy night in a city. A break-in occurs on Christmas Eve. Turns out to be someone everyone knows, who isn't welcome, or is she?
In : Bizarro, Short Story 19 reviews
Based on prompt "the cats outnumbered the humans"; a man returns from the woods where he lived alone for 5 years and finds there have been a few changes to the world as he knows it.
In : Novel Excerpt, Realism 5 reviews
A group of people, living their lives.
Chester Pane
In : Bizarro, Short Story 15 reviews
WAR Round II: Prompt: She was born ugly. Bizarro. In the high-tech future, a woman comes to grips with her newborn daughter's birth defects.
Denton Fihnn
In : Fantasy, Short Story 8 reviews
Death is greedy and her hunger can lead her to unemployment as she bets with her peers.
In : Mystery, Novel Excerpt 10 reviews
In a three act structure, this is winding down Act 2. Protagonist is a cop who has fallen from grace. 1400 Words
avery of the dead
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
Prompt: A post apocalyptic romance - 1600 words
Bill Tucker
In : Noir, Short Story 4 reviews
My second go round about a rouge detective who finds himself working the strangest of cases with the strangest of villians.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Novel Excerpt, Transgressive 6 reviews
Upright Citizens is a novel set in ghost town America, 2009. The opening section here is a little more than 5,000 words.
In : Literary, Short Story 6 reviews
No more reviews are needed on this submission.
Matt Attack
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
This entry has been removed. Got everything I need. Thanks for looking though.
In : Biographical, Essay 10 reviews
Remembering the days of being an alcoholic.
Bobby Detrick
In : Horror, Novel Excerpt 7 reviews
INFAMY follows a self-absorbed slacker who becomes city tour guild for a drug lord, but not until after finding a baby. This trio makes for the perfect storm mixed up in a zombie filled San Diego
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
17 non-linear funny, little conversations loosely connected through the voice of a male narrator who is constantly enthralled by the power of pretty girls. 8,200 words (just the second 6 snipits).
Grigori Black
In : Flash Fiction, Surprise Me 3 reviews
An unexpected turn of events. Luck follows Lisa where ever she goes, but today it seems as if Life has plans of its own. Has her Luck finally run its course?
Grigori Black
In : Flash Fiction, Noir 5 reviews
Not your ordinary Barfight. Michael walks into a bad situation.
In : Horror, Short Story 11 reviews
An amateur hacker finds a website that is either driving him insane or is giving him a vision of another world. Horror.
Amanda Tveidt
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 7 reviews
In a drug addicted world, where art is illegal, one woman makes her stand.
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 28 reviews
Written for "Flash Me - April thread" Quick read 465 words
In : Adventure, Short Story 11 reviews
After waking up to a roar in an unfamiliar setting Wester Riley quickly realizes that his life is in danger and must do what it takes to survive in a town where everyone knows him but he knows no one.
In : Flash Fiction, Horror 20 reviews
No more reviews needed. Thank you all for your help. A kidnapped girl trapped in a shed wonders what she did to deserve this.
In : Short Story, Transgressive 13 reviews
This is a heavily revised 2nd Draft of my first submission "What Up, Bro?" I decided to break that story down into separate parts. 1200 words. Now with more funny!
Bobby Detrick
In : Horror, Novel Excerpt 8 reviews
Slacker Seth Walsh wakes up to a call from his exe. After she pisses him off he decides to join a friend at a hotel party. Everything is going great until Seth finds out his drink has been spiked.